How to Properly Pack Your Outdoor Furniture Before Moving

Getting all of these items ready for the move indeed does require a lot of work. Therefore, it helps to know the right way to pack them. This way, you can avoid energy- and time-consuming mistakes, as well as damages to these valuable belongings.

Moving to a new home can be a pain. It’s stressful to think about, especially when you focus on the packing. The sheer amount of things that you have accumulated through the years can make you regret not opting for a minimalist lifestyle right when the trend boomed.

To make the moving process even more challenging are the big items that require more thought to pack such as outdoor furniture. Hammocks, the children’s playsets, the charming al fresco dining set, gazebo, weather-proof living set, and outdoor kitchen features are not easy at all to pack and transport.

Getting all of these items ready for the move indeed does require a lot of work. Therefore, it helps to know the right way to pack them. This way, you can avoid energy- and time-consuming mistakes, as well as damages to these valuable belongings.

To help you with the task, here is a guide on how to pack your outdoor furniture (and appliances) before moving.

1. Give everything a thorough cleaning

It goes without saying that outdoor furniture is exposed to all kinds of elements. So, make sure that there’s no nest of small creatures built underneath seats. Scrub off dust and rust, too.

Cleaning is a must, especially if you will be putting several different items in one big packing box. It will prevent stains and even surface damages on your furniture. Also, you don’t want to bring little insects to your new abode.
Give everything a thorough cleaning

Dedicate a day for cleaning and drying everything up before you start packing them for transport.

2. Put cushions in plastic bags or boxes.

The cushions for the seats of your outdoor living set should be stored in bags or boxes after cleaning. You want to make sure that all of them are together to prevent loss, which is a high likelihood during transport.

The last thing you want for your furniture is to lose a few pieces that can ruin the overall look of the furniture.

3. Wrap the mattress in cling wrap.

If you have a daybed in your lanai, make sure that you wrap the mattress in Saran or cling wrap. This will not only protect the mattress from getting dirty during transport, say professional moving companies in Dubai, but if you have a minor case of bed bugs, this strategy will take care of it as well. It will prevent spreading and future infestation.

Keep the cling wrap on for as long as possible, and you will suffocate whatever creepers are living in the daybed mattress.

4. Wrap hard and breakable elements in thick fabric.

The glass from tables and that luxurious quartz Allen and Roth countertop should be covered with a thick cushion to prevent small dings, chips, and scratches, or worse breaking. But before wrapping them up with foam or even just old curtains and bedsheets, hold together glass tabletops and mirrors with masking tape.
Wrap hard and breakable elements in thick fabric
And, make sure to secure everything with a rope to hold them securely in their protective cover. The rope also acts as an extra buffer to prevent direct contact with other packed items in the moving van or truck during transport.

5. Close the umbrella and wrap it up.

If your quaint al fresco dining set comes with a huge umbrella, clean the umbrella first before wrapping it in plastic film (Saran wrap). This will prevent dirt from getting to it during transport and the likelihood of the umbrella from suddenly opening.

Wrapping the umbrella will also prevent it from getting snagged on and scratched by the other things you are moving with it.

6. Disassemble all furniture and fixtures that are way too big.

Say, you have a gazebo, table and chair sets, and even a counter set, dismantle each and every one of them. If they are too heavy for you, hire professional packers and movers for the job.

While these bulky items are being disassembled, make sure to take a video. The footage you’ll get will help you with the reassembly of these items later. You will see the process of how the parts are removed, and which items go with certain elements.

7. Invest in heavy-duty storage containers.

Heavy-duty plastic boxes are the best containers for the bulky parts of big furniture items.
Invest in heavy-duty storage containers.
Make sure that you have specific storage containers assigned for the parts of every furniture item. And, do not forget to label each container appropriately to avoid confusion when you get to your new place.

8. Put all the small screws or bolts and nuts in small resealable bags.

Naturally, when you disassemble furniture, you will need to remove screws, or bolts and nuts. Place them in a small resealable bag that you can throw into the storage containers of the disassembled parts of the furniture to which they belong.

Write down details as well about which parts those screws belong, especially if they come in different sizes or shapes. The more detailed you are, the easier reassembly will be later on.

9. Lastly, avoid overstuffing boxes.

To protect the quality of your belongings, be they furniture or appliances, it’s always better to store them in smaller boxes. This will make moving them around so much easier and faster.

If you will to help out with unloading, you will struggle less in carrying the boxes and getting organized to put all the furniture items, fixtures, and appliances to how they originally were.

There you have it, a comprehensive guide on packing outdoor furniture for a move. Follow this guide, and you can have the peace of mind that all the items you enjoy for your outdoor sanctuary will get to your new place safely.


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