How To Pour The Concrete Floor In The Wooden House?

Flooring is an important stage of building a house. This process must be carried out taking into account all the features of working with the selected material. Obvious violations of technology during installation will lead to the fact that the floor will have to be changed frequently or completely reworked. Most often, a board or tongue and groove is used for flooring in a wooden house, but it is possible to create a monolithic surface using such an operation as concrete pouring. Despite the fact that this involves some difficulties, the result is worth it.

Smooth concrete flooring is excellent for laying on top of it any finish, if desired, it can be made warm by conducting appropriate communications. If the technology is followed, such a floor can be filled in by yourself, with an excellent and high-quality result, but if you are not sure, you may ask for help. To learn how to make a concrete floor in a wooden house in the absence of special skills, it is necessary to study information from different sources and find an option that is suitable for a particular case. When choosing concrete for the base, remember that the foundation of the building must be designed for such a load.

The main advantages of a monolithic floor

The main advantages of a monolithic floor

Concrete for the floor has many advantages:

  • Durable and reliable, designed for at least 20 years of trouble-free service. It can be used for all rooms.
  • It withstands enormous loads and is durable. The highest level of load among all kinds of floors.
  • Resistant to fire, moisture. Concrete floor – monolithic construction. There are no gaps in which moisture can enter and lead to the destruction of the flooring. It is not exposed to fungus, mildew.
  • Any flooring is suitable for finishing: linoleum, laminate, carpet, tiles, if desired, even boards for wooden flooring or parquet.
  • Safe for your health. Concrete does not release any harmful substances into the air when used, which makes this material one of the best.

Tools and materials that are needed for floor casting

Tools and materials that are needed for floor casting
To pour the concrete floor in a wooden house by yourself, you need to buy:

  • Level – make surface measurements.
  • Rule – in order to evenly distribute the poured mortar and level the surface;
  • A trowel – you can use it to measure and apply the cement mortar.
    Wooden laths as guides, set up as beacons.
  • Concrete mortar – cement, water and sand. Optimal composition for the production of
  • concrete mixture – one part of cement and three parts of washed sand.
  • Waterproofing material – polymer membrane, roofing felt or polyethylene film is suitable.
  • Heater – extruded polystyrene foam, foam plastic, mineral wool will be an excellent choice.

A metal grid or a frame from 10 mm rods for strengthening of last layer of pouring of a floor.

Limiting corners.

Features of casting the concrete base

The concrete floor in the house of the bar will last a long time, if the casting will take into account the shrinkage of buildings of this type. If this factor is not taken into account, the concrete floor will crack and its monolithic structure will be broken. To avoid this, the rough floor must be attached to the walls of the house.
Features of casting the concrete base
If the owner of the house has decided to replace the damaged wooden floor with a new concrete one, he should pay attention to the condition of the existing flooring. Lags can be completely destroyed, then they must be dismantled together with the whole floor and a new monolithic floor must be poured onto the prepared ground.

If the joists are in good condition, it is possible to pour concrete on them, it is enough to fill up the clay layer and level it, and then carry out further work.