How To Find the Right Drivers for Your Business

Truck driving is an essential part of our country’s economy. Without the continued service of truckers who move products back and forth across the United States, many businesses would suffer. Trucking is responsible for approximately 70% of all the freight which is shipped around the country. Approximately 80% of communities across the United States depend on trucks to deliver those everyday goods which they need to survive. This includes food, clothing, paper products, medicine, building materials, vehicles, and hazardous materials. These drivers often put their lives at risk driving big rigs, in sometimes dangerous conditions, to ensure that the necessary deliveries are made.

When seeking out drivers of any sort for your business, you want to make sure that you are choosing the right person for the job. These drivers will be the face of your company. They will be the ones who will ensure that the material they are carrying gets to its location in the timeliest manner possible. You should make it your goal to hire the best of the best when it comes to prospective drivers. Let’s discuss how to find the right drivers for your business, and what qualities you should look for when looking for the best fit.

Utilize the Internet

Utilize the Internet

The technological marvel known as the internet can be used for many things. Outside of just posting videos about dance crazes or funny pets, the Internet can be used to find qualified employees for your business. There is no shortage of job websites that allow businesses to find people who are looking for work. In some cases, many of these websites focus on a specific industry. For example, take the website FatJ. FatJ is a web portal that helps trucking companies to find qualified drivers through job postings. Utilizing this web property, businesses can link up with truckers who are seeking out jobs.

After taking the necessary steps such as agreeing to the privacy policy and terms of use for the FatJ website, truckers find themselves immersed in a digital job posting landscape. The process of using such a website is easy, not really requiring the assistance of a tech-savvy network administrator. Since 2015, FatJ has expanded into the best way for trucking companies to find the best truckers for the job. The internet is a great tool for finding the best truckers around.

Asking Drivers What They Want


One of the best ways to find and keep the best drivers for your business is to incorporate them in certain decisions for your company. You can begin this process by simply asking them what they want. Check to see what tools of the trade might help them to perform better as drivers for your company. Let’s say your business doesn’t utilize big rig trucks to deliver items, using smaller vehicles like passenger trucks, SUVs, Jeeps, or vans. Your drivers might have ideas or suggestions on what will make those vehicles run at peak capacity, to ensure that deliveries are made on time and with no worry.

They might suggest adding a set of 4×4 rims to a delivery vehicle. Having a set of these high-quality wheels can ensure the long life of your road wheels, offsetting any costly repairs or replacement costs. Maybe adding a nice set of high-quality wheels can also help your business to show-off a little. Having durable wheel parts like rims, along with other road wheel accessories, can maybe drum up business. If your driver brings you suggestions about the things they feel they need to help your business grow, listen to them. Just don’t write them off as some high-quality wheel enthusiast. They might have the next best idea for your company.