How to Find a Perfect Apartment for a College Student

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Where a student lives can influence his or her studying process in general. Therefore, choosing the right place to live in is extremely important since it influences one’s performance, and anything that can affect it needs to be treated with the seriousness it deserves. If you are planning to move, then you should move your plan first. You can read this guide to plan your move. It will make your move easy.

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The convenience of the Location

Before you settle on a particular apartment that will be your residence for the next couple of years, you need to check how long it will take you to reach your campus, library, public transport, supermarket, etc. The thing is that the location of your apartment makes a big difference in how much one enjoys their student life.Once you have picked your new home filling it with furniture can be expensive I used NowLoan to help me find the most affordable loan definition resource on the market to help me spread the cost over the year.

Undoubtedly, you don’t want to miss your 7.30 am classes because oversleeping and living miles away from your school. Thereby, to enjoy studies, try and find an apartment that is situated not far away from the premises of your school. The place should also be near public transport and your campus.

When your apartment is located at an ideal location, you become less stressed-up and can concentrate more on education.


Given it is your first year in college, it is most likely that your flatmates are strangers. Probably after a year, you will get to know more about each other, but the beginning can be very tiring, especially if the person you are going to live with is unpleasant.

In this respect, before you move into an apartment, be sure to do some background check on the students who have also booked the place. Try and find out their year of study, the campus they are attending and their gender.

Alternatively, if you are through with your first year and you have already identified some people you would like to live with, it is not necessary to house share with the previous ones. The best solution, in this case, is looking for an apartment with a friend of yours and making a group booking.


For many students, money is always a concern. Furniture, bills and other things such as TV, Wi-Fi, cleaning services, or gym membership can really go beyond one’s your budget. You can even end up exceeding much the amount you have expected to pay. Therefore, it is recommended to find an apartment that you will only be required to pay for rent and no any other additional charges. If possible, find a furnished apartment while the bills should also be all-inclusive.

Working Atmosphere

Since the main aim of students is to concentrate on their education, it is advisable to ensure that the apartment you live in has a conducive studying environment. It is important to be able to prepare for your exams in your room, which is possible only if it has a working environment. The matter is that without the necessary studying atmosphere, a student’s performance can considerably suffer, so they have to seek the services of essay help writers to study better. However, the key problem remains unsolved.


At the same time, there are a lot of sub-standard apartments for students with old or broken furniture and bad conditions. Although the price for such options is usually much lower, you should remember that in such conditions you are going to spend most of your time. Is there any mold problem existing? You will need an air purifier for mold removal if that happens, which will cost you more. Therefore, when considering such an apartment, look into a whole house water filtration system and ask yourself whether the apartment is worth your time and all the inconveniences. It is also advisable to look for an apartment that has been recognized for their quality services by the National Students Housing Survey.


At some point in your stay in your apartment, something may always go wrong, so should be able to rely on your landlord or letting agency to fix the problem promptly so that you don’t end up being frustrated and stressed. Find out if the residents can register a fault on the management’s online maintenance portal anytime. The online maintenance portal has been found to be very convenient for many students, and in most cases, the issues registered are fixed within 24 hours.


When a student feels safe in their apartment, they can relax and concentrate on their studies. Choose an apartment that takes safety seriously. Look around the establishment and try to spot CCTV cameras or security personnel. That way you don’t need to worry about your expensive travel camera sitting at home while you’re on campus.

With that said, you need to do your rounds before choosing a particular apartment to move into. This way, you will avoid various challenges that come with an inappropriate apartment.