How to Clean Quartz Countertops – Expert Tips

Today’s quartz countertops are designed to last long. But that doesn’t mean we can just use them any way we like. There are proper methods regarding how to clean quartz countertops, and this could be summarized in just a few words: use gentle materials.

Quartz countertops are hard-wearing, primarily due to its composition. They are made from ground quartz-rich sandstone, pigments, and resin. These are extremely popular for indoor use thanks to their high heat resistance, non-staining glossy surface, and an abundant design and color options to choose from. However, you need to properly care for these countertops in order to maintain their top form. Just like other popular countertop materials, the polished surface could become dull and lose their luster with improper cleaning. The exposed surface should not be treated with harsh cleaning solutions. Non-abrasive sponge should be used instead of steel brushes, and the like. But these are just some of the basic tips in cleaning quartz countertops.

We’ll explore more ways on how to clean quartz countertops as we go through this list.

How to Clean Quartz Countertops: What to Use

Today’s quartz countertops are designed to last long. But that doesn’t mean we can just use them any way we like. There are proper methods regarding how to clean quartz countertops, and this could be summarized in just a few words: use gentle materials.

Quartz countertops are non-porous, so they don’t stain easily. That’s why maintenance could be as simple as wiping it off clean and dry after every use. But that’s where we often go overboard. In our quest for cleanliness, we try to use various materials that not only “cleans” the surface, but also strips a layer off of them. To avoid that, let’s see what materials we can use for cleaning quartz countertops.

How to Clean White Quartz Countertops

Maintaining the pristine condition of your white countertops is pretty straightforward: if you don’t want any stains, you should wipe off spills immediately. Use a microfiber towel to mop up the spill, ensuring that nothing’s left in the surface to dry. When cleaning spills, let the liquid soak into the towel instead of putting too much pressure on the surface. Let the towel glide though, absorbing the liquid as you wipe in a circular motion.

On how to clean white quartz countertops after cooking, you can make it a habit to clean daily using the microfiber towel and warm soapy water. You can use a mild detergent for this so that you can successfully wash away the grease from cooking and food preparation. It’s easy to spot spills on a white surface, so may find yourself cleaning your countertops after every time you use it.

Another important tip on how to clean white quartz countertops is to always have a towel nearby to mop up the mess. Having a towel within arm’s reach ensures that no spill stays on the surface for long, avoiding any corrosion of the glossy layer of the countertop. A clean paper towel can also work, especially if it’s just water or the usual beverages your family drinks.

Cleaning Quartz Countertops with Vinegar

Bleach should never be used to clean your countertops. It can strip the glossy layer, leaving it looking dull and uneven. For cleaning quartz countertops, vinegar is a great alternative, and readily available in every home. But don’t go spilling a whole bottle of vinegar on your countertops, unless you want your kitchen to smell sour for hours. You need to dilute it first. To create a mixture for cleaning quartz countertops, vinegar plus equal parts water is perfect.

Again, use a soft towel for cleaning the surface, preferably a microfiber cloth because it is also very absorbent. Wipe the surface with the cleaning mixture, without adding too much pressure in every stroke. Once done, be sure to rinse the surface thoroughly with clean water, and then dry it completely so that there won’t be any residual sour smell from the vinegar.

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Other Agents to Use When Cleaning Quartz Countertops

As mentioned earlier, you can use warm water and a mild dish detergent to clean your quartz countertops. For tougher stains, you can use a vinegar and water mixture instead. But aside from these two, there are other cleaning agents that you can use to keep your quartz countertops looking new.

You can use a glass cleaner from time to time, if you want a deeper clean. Just make sure that the cleaner you’ll be using is compatible with your countertop brand, to avoid messing up its looks. For example, when you’re buying Caesarstone countertops, ask about the compatible cleaning agents you can use for the surface. You can spray the glass cleaner on your countertops, as you would on your regular window pane. Let it sit for a couple of minutes and wipe it clean using a wet microfiber towel. Once done, you can wipe it dry using a dry towel.

You can also use denatured/isopropyl rubbing alcohol to deep clean your quartz countertops. This cleaning agent is perfect for stains that can’t be removed by just water and soap. A good example would be a streak created by a permanent marker doodle by your kids. You can start by wetting a clean cloth with the rubbing alcohol/ Rub the stain using the cloth, but try to avoid putting too much pressure as you rub. After removing the stain, you can then clean your countertop with warm water.

What to Avoid when Cleaning Quartz Countertops

If you really want your quartz countertops to last long, you should avoid using harsh cleaners to clean it. These cleaners can strip away the clear, polished layer of the surface, leaving behind a dull portion that just looks off, especially for newer countertops. This is why you should avoid using highly acidic and alkaline cleaners. This is also the reason why when cleaning quartz countertops, vinegar needs to be diluted using equal parts water.

If any of these acidic or alkaline cleaners comes in contact with your countertop, immediately clean the counter using mild detergent. Your liquid dish soap would come in handy, as you can immediately pour some on the spill before mopping it off using a clean towel. Once done rinse with water thoroughly and dry.


Quartz countertops look great in any kitchen. It is a great investment, but it definitely increases the value of your home, thanks to its exquisite looks and reliable durability. This is why you should also take the proper steps to take care of these countertops. Only clean it with the right cleaning agents and gentle materials. Avoid alkaline or acidic cleaners at all costs. Always have a clean, soft towel handy so that you can mop up any messes or spills to keep your countertops looking brand new.