Health Benefits of a Steam Shower

`You may have noticed that your bathroom can get very steamy and perhaps that fact’s annoyed you. When steam cools, it becomes water and that water can often wind up on your bathroom floor, meaning you have to clean it up by hand and it might have been little consolation that the steam was doing you good. Well, now you can have all the benefits of steam without the hassle of cleaning up your floors, thanks to a new generation of steam showers.

Enjoy the benefits of a real deep clean

Any shower will generate a certain amount of steam, which is useful to the body. Proper steam showers, however, will generate enough steam to make a meaningful difference to your health and wellness. A new generation of steam is an effective and yet very gentle cleanser. It’s effective because it can get right into the tiniest parts of the body, inside and out. It’s particularly good at cleaning out the lungs because they are full of tiny crevasses which can easily fill up with tiny particles of dirt, especially in the warmer months when the air is full of pollen and dust. Your body will deal with these eventually, but until it does, you may find yourself feeling not quite right and wondering why and if you have sensitive lungs, you may find yourself wheezing, or worse. You may well have realized this yourself but not known that you could easily do something about it by giving yourself regular steam treatments.

Get yourself glowing from the inside out

Steam does more than clean out physical dirt, it gets your metabolism moving and that speeds up the removal of toxins. Toxins are basically chemicals which can have all sorts of negative effects on your body in general and this is reflected in the condition of your skin and hair. The quicker you get rid of your toxins, the better it is for your body and hence, the better your skin and hair will look. You’ll probably see an improvement in your skin really quickly, in fact, you may even see it after your first steam shower. It can take longer to see an improvement in the condition of your hair but that will happen.

Fight off aches and pains and illnesses

Athletes often use steam to relieve muscular aches and pains, especially after injury and it can be used to help with many other chronic conditions too. Steam is also a great way to protect yourself against the winter blues. Basically, winter tends to be a time when the body slows down and our winter lifestyles can encourage this. It’s a time for comfort food and comfort drinks and often minimal exercise, certainly outdoors and that’s before we throw in the effects of party season. In short, winter can be a really tough time on our bodies, so it’s hardly a surprise that it’s also the time for coughs and colds and, in worst cases the flu, plus its a time when conditions such as asthma can be at their most acute. Steam can help with all of this. As previously mentioned, it speeds up the body’s metabolism, essentially it gets your body to shake off its winter sluggishness and get moving again, inside a least – and that may help to make you feel more like moving on the outside. Even if it doesn’t, it will still give your body a good helping hand to beat off horrible germs and chronic conditions.

Steam showers give you all the benefits of steam without the hassle

When it comes to ordinary showers, there is a fairly strong case for arguing that the steam they produce is more of a drawback than a benefit. The reason for this is that although it does do your body some good, there usually isn’t enough of it to make a huge difference. Then, after you get out of your bath or shower, the steam turns to water, which you then have to clean off the floor, but this is actually the least of your problems. The real problem is that every time you have a shower, the hot water you run eats away at the grout and caulk which holds your bathroom tiles in place and the steam just adds to the damage and creates more, tedious, maintenance for you. That’s why steam showers are designed as freestanding shower cabins so all the steam is kept safely inside them, you don’t even need to tile the wall(s) behind your shower. This means that you can use enough steam to make a real difference to your health and wellness without doing any damage to your bathroom tiles (or your temper or your wallet).