8 Best Ways to Move out of State

As you prepare to move, downsizing your possessions can not only significantly lower your moving costs but also earn you some extra cash that can cover part of your moving expenses.

Americans are an incredibly transient lot. Roughly 35 million move every year with 20 percent of the population moving across cities, regions and states every five years according to a Gallup poll. Whether you are a midcareer professional or newly-minted college grad moving to a new job or are simply ready for a change, moving to a new state can bring opportunity and adventure, but can also be stressful and increase financial strain if not meticulously planned.

Here are eight tried and true ways to successfully move to a new state without losing your mind—or breaking the bank!


As you prepare to move, downsizing your possessions can not only significantly lower your moving costs but also earn you some extra cash that can cover part of your moving expenses.

Many people do not realize how much they are actually hoarding until they are forced to take a full inventory—often when planning to relocate. Old clothes that have been lying at the back of your closet for years, furniture from your college days, electronics and personal devices that you have outgrown can all be sold on apps like Letgo, Craiglist and Nextdoor.

Hire a reputable moving company

moving company

Freight trailers and moving trucks are some of the common ways that Americans move from one state to another. However, nothing beats the convenience, safety and reliability of a professional mover. According to The American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA), about 22 percent of people who move interstate use a professional moving service with 33 percent renting a truck and the rest making unassisted moves.

Professional moving services offer varying levels of service https://www.aaamoversinc.com/locations/minneapolis-movers/ reside at the top of the pecking order and take care of virtually everything related to your move including supplying packing materials and supplies, packing your belongings, furniture disassembly, truck loading and unloading, transporting your belongings, unpacking and disposal of packing materials.

A reputable mover will not only provide transparent and accurate quotes for the job but also offer a full service guarantee that they will abide by the contract. To find reputable movers including full service movers, you can use moving company directories and also check online review and ratings. Additionally check whether the company is licensed with professional bodies such as the Department of Transportation and the American Moving & Storage Association.

Ask for discounts

Before settling on a moving company, it’s advisable to conduct ample research and check whether there are any discounts on offer. For people who have served in the military, companies like PODS, Penske, Budget, U-Pack and North American Van Lines offer military discounts. If you have an AAA membership, you can save some precious bucks by engaging the services of companies like Extra Space Storage, Penske and Atlas Van Lines.

Choose a better moving date

Avoiding peak moving days and times can potentially save you money with your moving company. Some peak moving dates and times to avoid whenever possible include first and last weeks of the month, weekends and the months between Memorial Day and Labor Day. The best times to aim for include mid-day, mid-month and the period spanning the months of October to April.

Of course there are many times when you have little control over the moving time. In such cases, top-tier moving companies are able to handle unanticipated service requests and provide extended service hours.

Hire moving labor

moving labor
Though not nearly as convenient as full service movers, labor-only options like HireAHelper can help load and unload your truck. These services may also include donation pickups, packing help and junk removal services. Labor-only options tend to be a good choice for saving some money for shorter moves but can prove inadequate for long interstate moves.

Alternatively, you can enlist the services of family and friends as long as you can work around their schedules and return the favor by inviting them for a barbecue, wine or pizza.

Ship your stuff

Ship your stuff
If you only have a few household belongings, shipping can be a great way to move across the country. You can ship smaller items via USPS and larger objects like beds and furniture through online shipping services providers like uShip.com. The service does not ship directly but rather connects customers to independent shippers and carriers.

Request your company to pay for the move

Landed a new job? Congrats! If you are relocating to a home closer to your new place of work, how about asking the company to pay for the move? People are often surprised to learn that many companies have relocation policies that enable them to pay in part or in full for your moving expenses. You might have to cover some expenses out of pocket then furnish the requisite receipts to the accounting department for reimbursement.


Once you get to your new home, it’s now time to establish your new life. This might mean making some big-ticket purchases such as furniture and accessories. If you are on a tight budget, visit Letgo, Craiglist and Nextdoor again but this time to buy stuff. If you have a steady income and a good credit score, a 0% APR card can help you buy what you need without paying interest on things like furniture. You can also take advantage of United States Postal Service’s furniture store coupons that it offers to people who change their addresses.

Despite your best efforts and months of preparation, it’s possible for things to still go awry during the moving process. Although moving companies typically provide insurance policies to protect you against damage or loss of your possessions, each comes with nuances and might not cover you fully. Check out the moving insurance options provided by the U.S. Department of Transportation to see which one suit you best.