7 Ways to Make Your Home More Secure

In the UK, only 5% of burglaries are solved. This shocking statistic may make you worry about the safety of your home. After all, we all want to live in a place that’s secure, both to protect the people we love and our valuables.

You may be wondering: what steps can I take to increase security? One option is investing in an expensive security system, but there are other ways you can deter burglars, too. Want to know how? Keep reading to find out.

Use Timer Switches

When you leave your home for any extended period, whether travelling overnight for work or going on holiday, you may worry about the possibility of a break-in. To deter thieves, using automatic timer switches can increase home securityby giving the illusion of someone being home.

Hide Your Valuables

If your valuables such as car keys, tablets or expensive jewellery are clearly visible through windows, this could make your home a target. To avoid this, always store your important belongings out of sight and keep keys away from letter boxes.

Lock the Windows

While this may seem like an obvious method, it can be all too easy to leave home without realising windows are open or unlocked, especially in the warmer summer months. As such, double check windows on your way out to boost security.

Don’t Hide Keys

It can be tempting to hide an extra key outside, especially for your children or to allow a friend or family member access to your home. However, it also provides easy entry to burglars. To keep your home safe, don’t hide an emergency key.

Befriend Your Neighbours

It’s always useful to have an extra pair of eyes looking over your property, so reach out to your neighbours. As well as being another effective security measure, it can also provide you with peace of mind. Plus, if you know your neighbours well, you could go one step further and ask them to open and close curtains.

Install CCTV

Having cameras around your property can stop thieves in their tracks and help to keep your home safe. In addition, if the worst were to happen and your home was broken into, it provides footage that can be used by police.

Illuminate the Exterior

In addition to CCTV, installing security lighting around the exterior of your home can be an effective deterrent. Select motion sensitive options to help scare thieves away and keep your home protected.

Additional Security Measures

If you’re looking for further security measures, you could make sure your front door is secure, insure your home and valuables, and tidy up your garden to reduce potential hiding spots. You can also find additional tips from the police and Neighbourhood Watch.