5 Tips to Help You Survive Spring Humidity

Spring brings April showers, beautiful flowers, and the chirps and hops of all the newborn animals! The world awakens and becomes just a little bit brighter. Sometimes winter can be a little rough, but spring doesn’t just bring with it all the birds and bees!

With spring comes HUMIDITY. When it comes to taking on the major ups and downs Mother Nature dishes out, humid, wet, and heavy air is easy… If you know what to do! Face the humidity like a pro with these five tips to help you survive spring humidity!

Home Sweet Humidity

Home Sweet Humidity

Taking care of your home is one of your top priorities. It keeps you safe from harsh weather, it gives you a place to be a family, and it needs a lot of T.L.C. The humidity that comes with the fresh spring storms can and will wreak havoc on your home!

From mold spores, to damaged paint, to the telltale signs your windows may need replaced, extra moisture in the air can really do a number on your personal sanctuary! Helping your home handle the humidity can be as easy as keeping your windows closed! Making sure your windows and doors are well insulated to the elements outside will also be incredibly helpful!

When it’s hot and humid outdoors, opening the windows will only make the inside worse. This could lead to the wet air bring mold and mildew into your beautiful home! You can also invest in a dehumidifier for your home to help combat the heavy air.

Your home can be cooled down with the help of your air conditioning unit, or some high quality fans, but they can’t do all the work! Some of the best dehumidifiers on the market can handle large rooms, won’t hurt your wallet, and are easily portable to different rooms in your home! Take care of your home by getting rid of that extra moisture in the air!

Get Going, Going, GONE!

Get Going, Going, GONE!
Speaking of your house, if it gets too humid, feel free to get out to beat the humidity! That doesn’t mean go outside to only be drenched in the wet air, but instead, take a day to go spend time in your town!

There is so much to do, even in little towns, that will help you conquer the humidity blues. It doesn’t have to be an all-day activity, it doesn’t have to be difficult, and more often times than not, it doesn’t even have to cost you a dime!

Here are just a few things you can do to get out of your house to survive the spring humidity!

  • Go see a movie! The cold crisp air of the cinema will be a welcome vacation from the heaviness of the spring storms. Whether you do a double feature, or just spend an hour or two finding your new favorite film, it’s an easy way to not suffer at home!
  • Libraries, Museums, and Community Centers. No matter the size of your city or town, be it New York, or MiddleOfNoWhereVille, there are things your community offers you may not be aware of! Take a day to read a book or two in the chill of the library, or learn new and interesting hobbies at your local community center. There are lots of studies that look into how community centers can impact your town, so you may as well use it! Museums will even sometimes have no pay days where you can get out of the humidity and into some knowledge about mummies!
  • Dining Out! If it doesn’t break the bank, eating out during those super humid late spring months will help you use your oven less, and keep your home humidity free.

By getting out of your humid house, you can beat the wet spring air! Just remember to take care of yourself while you’re out and about!

Keeping Your Body Humidity Proof

Your skin, hair, and your physical well-being can all be influenced by the humidity in the air around you! Keeping yourself healthy and happy is a major priority when it comes to surviving the spring humidity!

Your skin care routine and your hair care techniques will need to be modified to handle the wet air! Your pores are going to be more clogged from the sweat, your hair is going to be frizzy, and you may even, ironically enough, become extremely dehydrated!

To keep your skin from breaking out, perhaps try incorporating an exfoliator into your routine more frequently. You can try some “de-frizz” products on your hair during the late spring, or even embracing up-dos will certainly help!

Your physical health is incredibly important! Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water, avoid working out in an overly humid environment, and take a cool shower to make sure your body temperature doesn’t rise too much in the warmth of the wet air!

Helping the Air

Helping the Air
One of the best ways to keep your house and yourself free from the moist spring breezes is to keep your air conditioner running, keep your home well ventilated, and avoid adding even more moisture to the air!

Your air conditioner will help to keep your home cool making it more difficult for the water in the air to build up! By keeping your home cool, you can also avoid the probability of bacteria and mold growing in a warm and humid home. Allergies to harmful molds and bacteria can stir up in the humid spring days, but the cool air in your home will help to keep them at bay!

You can also make sure to avoid cooking hot meals and taking long, hot showers to prevent more humidity from damaging your home! Keep everything nice and ventilated by keeping all your doors open if you’re in the shower, or making sure you keep some fans running!

Cooking in your own home can cause extra moisture to enter the air and make it even MORE humid! Try to stick to meals that require the least amount of cooking if you can. That way water isn’t escaping into the air through the open lid of your boiling pot.

Here are just a few things that can happen to your home if it is too humid!

  • Condensation on windows
  • Water stains on walls and ceilings
  • Musty odor
  • Moldy bathrooms
  • Peeled paint
  • Warped wood

That’s not even all of it! By keeping the house ventilated, and avoiding adding more unnecessary moisture to the air in your home, you can keep all those terrible things from happening!

Do the Work, But Don’t Overdo It!

Do the Work, But Don’t Overdo It
This may seem like some simple, logical advice, but don’t push yourself too hard! It’s easy to want to work in that perfect spring clean, or fit in a mid-day work out, but if you push yourself too hard during a humid day, you may be facing some consequences!

Take care of your home to keep the moisture out to avoid bacteria growth, but don’t start any major remodeling projects! It’s easy to not overdo it in humid weather by keeping to these pointers! Keep your home cool and your body cooler, and take it EASY!

You’ve done all you can to keep yourself and your home safe from the spoils of the humidity. It’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the spring!

Adapt and Survive!

When it comes to your personal health, your home, and the people you love, taking care of everything during the humidity of spring can be easy if you follow these simple tips! Don’t overdo it, keep your home dry and cool, it’s ok to get out of the house, and invest in a good dehumidifier! Survive the spring humidity by adapting your daily routines and busy life to put your home and yourself first!