5 Profitable Home Improvement Ideas

The year 2020 has just begun. Sometimes, a new year means a new home for a lot of people. Homeowners need to improve their homes continuously before selling it to someone else. Some improvements may seem a little on the surface, but they can ensure a bigger price tag at the closing time. Today we will discuss some profitable home improvements you should make before selling your home. Without further ado, let us begin.

At first, painting a whole house requires a lot of money and it can return a lot of money as well. According to the Zillow’s Director of Economic Research, Skylar Olsen, only 36% of the homeowners paint their home before selling it. You know a nice coat of a neutral paint can give the house a facelift. Everybody loves freshness and the freshness of a house attracts the buyers easily. Depending on the market, painting the interior of an entire 2500 square foot house may cost $2000-$4000. This seems a lot at first glance, but the painting will increase its value for sure. On the other hand, you can do the paint job yourself if you are short on money. My suggestion is to consult with a professional painter first as color depends on various things like lights, weather, etc.
Home Improvements

The second thing you should focus is your floor and its accessories. According to Zillow, only 26% of the homeowners repair their floor or replace their carpet. You have to make sure that all the rooms in a house have the exact same flooring style. If you have wood floors or faux-wood floors, then it is up to you whether you use carpet or not. On the contrary, if the floor is not wooden, then you must use carpet. A simple carpeting can hide the major flaws and can be a key factor while selling the house. Moreover, you have to be choosy while selecting the carpet color. You must consider the colors of your wall while choosing it. Now, it will cost $10-$12 per square foot for installing faux wood and the price will be nearly $30 per square foot of real wood. Similarly, the price of an average quality carpet is about $8-$12 per square foot.

The third upgrade you should consider is the improvement in the bathroom. Upon entering a house, most buyers will check the bathroom first. Besides, most women are only concerned with the facilities of a bathroom. So, I think a mid-range bathroom upgrade offers a great return on investment. You can make small changes like natural stone for countertops. If you are short on money, then the high-end quartz are not that necessary.

Besides, you should consider additional updates like frame-less glass doors, new cabinets, new tiling, new fixtures for the sinks and tub and so on. Now, if you are to replace your cabinets, then minimalism is the best option. So, you should choose neutral colors, simple designs or raised panels, etc. Sometimes, making these upgrades by the professionals require a lot of money, so you can do it yourself. Nowadays, it is easy to get real-time advice from professional plumbers and you can even use a Top plumbing app – video chat with plumbers. The platform is called iPlumber and it will save both your time and money while fulfilling all the plumbing needs. You can easily download iPlumber app from App store or Play Store. Besides, the overall cost of remodeling a bathroom is about $3000-$12000. So, the choice is yours where you want to spend it.

Fourthly, you must not forget the yard of your house. The buyer’s first impression will be the outside scene of your house. You know that the first impression is the best impression and you cannot change it. An overgrown or a patchy yard is a major turn-off. You should always cut the overgrown and remove the dead items from your yard. You have to make sure that the lawn looks green and fresh. Moreover, you may consider putting straw or fresh mulch in the beds. The cost of professional landscaping is about $500-$3000.
Home Improvement
Last but not the least, replacing the lighting system of a house has always been a profitable move. The lighting system is directly concerned with the appearance of your rooms and house. You can add lights like chandeliers, ceiling fixtures, pendant lighting, etc. to represent your house even better. My suggestion is not to use brass fixtures as they were often used in the properties built in the 80s and 90s. The pricing of the lighting updates will depend on you. It may cost around $500-$5000 depending on your choice.

Finally, every home is different considering its location and neighborhood. There is a common formula used by the home stagers that is every $1 you spend for improvements will earn $1.50 in return at least. The rate can be much higher with some bigger projects. Small improvements are great, but you must not lose sight of the bigger picture as well. So what are you waiting for?