5 Deadly Mistakes You Make With Your Steam Cleaner

You may think that using a steam cleaner is very easy. Yes, using a steam cleaner is quite easy. Besides, steam cleaning is a natural way to clean many items. But if you make some mistakes with your steam cleaner, the lifespan of the machine and the things you clean with it will lessen. So, using this tool is not only plugging in, filling water and switching on it, but also need to avoid some mistakes.

Avoid Five Deadly Mistakes With A Steam Cleaner

Steam Cleaner1

A steam cleaner is environmentally friendly because it does not use chemicals. Instead of using harsh chemical, steam cleaner works on the basis of water steam. The heat of this steam emulsifies the small particles and dirt. However, before using a steam cleaner for cleaning purposes, you should be careful of some mistakes with it. Besides, it is better to learn how does steam cleaner works, which are suitable for steam cleaning, etc.

How Does Steam Cleaner Work?

A steam cleaner works on electric power and water. It uses electric energy to produce steam from water. However, there is a water tank that works as a boiler. When water gets evaporated, steam comes from the steam outlet. It takes a few minutes to produce steams. Mainly this time depends on the type of steam cleaner. It not only creates steam but also creates pressure. So, more pressure helps to come out the steam in a short time.

Thus dirt dissolves with water and does the cleaning process. To speed up your work, you can use warm water to fill the tank. And it is better to keep some space in the water tank. It will speed up the steaming process.

For Which Purposes You Can Use A Steam Cleaner

You can use a steam cleaner to clean a wide range of things in your house without using chemicals or spending your energy. But it depends on the type of tool. I have made a list of accessories that are suitable for steam cleaning.

You can use your steam cleaner to clean various types of floors, such as tile, stone floors, etc. But to clean floors, you should be careful because some of the floor types are not good for steam cleaning. Use this machine to defrost your refrigerator. Before this work, remove all the things and drawers from the freezer and then use it. Many people use a steam cleaner to clean the oven and remove the bad smell from it. But you should avoid steaming on or around the cooking things in your oven. Not only those items, but you can also use this machine to effectively steam clean bathrooms, carpets, curtains, mattresses, clothes, and many more.

You see, that steam cleaner is an excellent tool for cleaning work. It is easy to use. But a simple mistake can damage your machine or things. So, careful use is necessary.

Mistakes With A Steam Cleaner

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Now see, which mistakes you should avoid with your machine to keep your cleaning job safe.

1. Steam clean on all types of surfaces

Though steam cleaner is a great tool to clean floors and other surfaces, several types are not suitable for this tool. You should avoid using this machine on fabrics such as silk, waxed wooden surface, water-based painted surfaces, porous surfaces such as marble, limestone, laminate floor, etc.

2. Using it on a cold or damp weather

As steam cleaner uses steam to clean any surfaces, dry climate is better for it because it helps to dry the surface quickly. So, you should steam clean your carpets or such type of surfaces on a hot sunny day. Damp weather is not suitable for steam cleaning.

3. Steam clean electric appliances

It is not a good idea to use a steam cleaner to clean electrical appliances. Some items, such as a freezer or oven, can be steam cleaned. But you should provide extra care while cleaning them. If you use it to clean an oven, too much steam inside, it can damage it.

4. Go ahead without testing

When you want to steam on synthetic leathers or colorful curtains, it is an essential step to test in a hidden small area. It is for that; hot steam can melt the area or fade the color.

5. Start steam cleaner without vacuuming

cleaner without vacuuming

To keep your steam cleaner well for many years, every time using it on a flat surface, you should vacuum the area first. It removes the dirt and loosen small particles and keeps the cleaner head clean for a long time. On the other hand, dirt gets stuck on it and lessens the lifetime of the tool.

Not only those few mistakes, but some other wrong steps are harmful to your machine and applications. You should not keep your steam cleaner idle while cleaning because it can burn the surface. Check the water tank before switching the tool to avoid damage. Though it is not easy to remove furniture from the floor before steam clean it, you should remove things such as a chair, lamps, side tables. It is better to avoid any cleaning solution in the water of a steam cleaner. But if you use any mild chemical, you should remove the residue after using the machine.


Now there are many types of steam cleaners available in the market. Most of the machines come with all safety features. Some models are better for several steam cleaning purposes.

However, it is a safe tool. Without any chemical, steam cleaning kills 99% of germs and bacteria. Besides, it saves time and energy by removing stubborn germs and stains quickly. For a lot of advantages, people like this tool to use for most of the cleaning purposes. But if you are careful of those mistakes, you can keep your steam cleaning safe and use the tool more effectively.