5 Benefits of Living in Dupont Circle, DC

Whether you are a seasoned, high-powered attorney or an intern trying to make a name for yourself in the Beltway, you need a place to live. Choosing a neighborhood is a serious undertaking, especially in a city that cares so much about your zip code. Although realistically more expensive than most other neighborhoods, living in Dupont Circle will place you in a very walkable, diverse neighborhood where you can live and play safely. With a storied history and a trendy present, Dupont Circle specializes in meeting the needs of movers and shakers in their twenties and thirties. There are many benefits of living there, and it is obvious why so many people who work in DC want to call it home.

Diverse neighborhood

The Dupont Circle neighborhood has a deep history. Formally a safe haven for DC´s LGBTQ population, and home to old timers who have lived there for many years, and outlasted the era when crime ran rampant, currently Dupont Circle boasts a clientele of 20 and 30 somethings who work at government agencies, nearby embassies, or the World Bank. They also have their share of international residents as well. Although there are some families, Dupont Circle is more of a place for singles and couples without children. If you want to enjoy a neighborhood with a hip, international flair, Dupont circle is for you.
Diverse neighborhood

Restaurants and Shopping

The restaurant and shopping scene is as diverse as the people. Known throughout DC as a great place for shopping and dining, Connecticut avenue houses many restaurants that please the palate. There is something for everyone. Iron Gate is a sophisticated spot that offers small plates, mostly Greek and Italian foods. For those who like a more eastern flair, Banana Leaves Asian will fit the bill. Tabard Inn is a swanky spot to grab a drink and a meal. Dupont does not forget the wine lovers! Circa and Veritas are two popular wine bars. Bistrot du Coin, a popular French restaurant, Floriana, with some of Italy’s best comfort foods, and Hank’s Oyster bar are other great places to experience.

Those who love to shop will not be disappointed. Kramerbooks is one of the country’s most popular independent book stores, and should not be missed. For a hip clientele, EmporiumDNA offers trendy clothes, shoes and accessories. BlueMercury is a fancy beauty chain that got its start in DC. No one can resist visiting the Proper Topper, a store that features all sorts of hats. The Jewel Box is also a classic find, showcasing vintage jewelry. Dupont Circle also has more standard fare like Brooks Brothers and H & M.

Beautiful homes and spacious apartments to rent

From beautiful turn of the century brick row houses to magnificent multi-unit town homes and a plethora of condo options, there is housing for everyone in Dupont Circle, as long as they know they are paying for one of the most exclusive DC neighborhoods. Most people who live there rent. Places like 1830r Apartment offer beautiful apartments with high ceilings and hardwood floors, and a supreme location near restaurants and upscale grocery stores. Nestled among the houses and apartments, there are also several glimpses of history. Dupont Circle boasts the Georgian revival home belonging to Woodrow Wilson, the 28th President of the United States. And beer lovers would be happy to know that the home of DC’s first brew master, Christian Heurich, is still around. He created his brewing company in 1894 and had a successful run.
Beautiful homes and spacious apartments to rent


A few miles from the White House, Dupont Circle is very centrally located and there is a plethora of pedestrian traffic all around. The constant buzz of people makes this a very safe place to live. The White House is to the south and the Smithsonian is to the North. People who live in Dupont Circle are a mere 5 miles away from Capitol Hill. Jumping on the red line will get you anywhere you need to go quickly. This neighborhood also scores a 99/100 as a walker’s paradise.


Even city dwellers need some green space, and those in Dupont Circle are no exception. The city boasts one of the best farmer markets, Fresh Farm, which houses Gordy’s Pickle Jar, Quaker Valley Orchards, and Shepherds Manor Creamery, among many other vendors. At the center of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Connecticut Avenues, there is a beautiful fountain from the City Beautiful movement that draws people to the park. Created by sculptor Daniel Chester French and architect Henry Bacon, who created the Lincoln Memorial, the fountain is a great place to enjoy lunch or the company of friends. The Spanish Steps on 22nd Street is another great spot for a good book or a good friend.

If your Fitbit is calling, many people also enjoy the two-mile walk down Embassy Row, beginning with the Australian Embassy.