3 Creative Ideas for Indoor Garden Setups

Are you coveting a beautiful outdoor garden but don’t have the yard to accommodate what you want? Well, having your very own garden is possible, even if you don’t have a huge yard. There are some great ways you can create your own indoor garden, even if you only have minimal space inside your home. Look for ways to recycle or upcycle any old items to make planters for all your garden favorites. Having an indoor garden is an excellent way to promote calm and relaxation, so it’s beneficial to have as many plants as possible in your living space.

Growing Indoors

Though you may think that growing indoors means you’re limited to traditional “indoor plants,” like a boring fern, this is not the case. You can produce any herb, vegetable, plant, or flower you want with a little time and care. One choice that’s been steadily rising in popularity is growing marijuana or CBD plants, as more and more growers are starting to realize the numerous health and wellness benefits they provide. You can find marijuana seeds at 149, which is a reputable online seed wholesaler based in California. They have a great selection of autoflowering marijuana and CBD seeds, which is perfect if you’re a novice grower since the plants are guaranteed to flower. Whether you want to grow CBD seeds, vegetables, or even super-trendy microgreens, here are three super-creative ideas for indoor garden setups.

1. Hang Recycled Soda Bottles

Hang Recycled Soda Bottles

An eco-friendly way to create an indoor garden is to recycle old plastic soda bottles as planters. You can have as many or as few as you’d like, so this method is perfect for fitting into any large or small space in your home. Cut two large holes/windows near the middle of the bottle to allow airflow, and don’t cut too low so that the bottle won’t hold dirt. Then, make four holes near the top of the bottle’s neck and thread some twine or string through the holes. Vóila-;you now have an upcycled planter you can hang inside your home. Use metal hooks to mount them or take it to the next level by creating a structure (think of something similar to a clothes drying rack) for mounting your new soda bottle planters.

2. Vertical Wall Pallete Garden

Wood palettes are one of the best ways to upcycle trash into an indoor garden. First, you’ve got to find a large wooden palette. You can look outside any warehouse; companies typically give them away for free or will leave them by the dumpster. Once you find a sturdy palette, you can paint or stain it any color you like to match your existing décor.

The next step is mounting it on the wall. Be sure to mount it securely because it’s going to be holding lots of very heavy dirt. Use planters with three curved sides and one flat side so that they can hang neatly on the palette without rotating or twisting. Install some metal nails or hooks on the palette, fill your planters with dirt, and enjoy your very own indoor garden. Another twist on this method is to use an old bookcase or unused pantry area for your favorite herbs or plants.

3. Dresser Garden

Dresser Garden

If you have an old or unused dresser, you can easily upcycle it into a garden. If you eventually want to use the dresser again, put some fabric plant liners in the drawers to keep them in good condition. If you choose a typical three-drawer horizontal dresser, pull each lower drawer out farther than the one above it to leave enough space for your plants to thrive and grow. It’s a unique and eco-friendly way to garden in your home and have fresh vegetables and herbs every day.

Create an Upcycled Garden Inside Your Home

By upcycling old furniture and everyday items, you can have a one-of-a-kind indoor garden inside your home. Save your plastic soda bottles and turn them into planters, or upcycle an old bookcase or dresser for a creative way to grow your favorite veggies or herbs. These three methods are simple, affordable, and eco-friendly. Try them out today to create your very own indoor garden, even if you only have a minimal amount of space.