10 Quick And Easy Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Next, to your bedroom, the bathroom is your haven. It’s the one place in your home you can get complete and utter peace from the maddening crowd. You probably sneak your mobile in with you to catch up on the news or play a game or two, so you should be able to do so in comfort, right?
There are plenty of bathroom decorating ideas that are quick and easy and won’t drain your bank account. Why not consider some of these decorating tips:

{ 1 } The Paint Job

Yes, the first and simplest step to give your bathroom a facelift is giving it a paint job. There are plenty of options on the market that contain an additive to prevent mould growth, so make sure you check before you settle on your paint. Don’t forget your cabinets! If you’re looking for a bit more of a pop consider choosing a bright, patterned waterproof wallpaper. There are plenty of options out there and can create a stunning and unique new space for the whole family to enjoy.

{ 2 } The Lighting

A lighting upgrade can make a massive difference to any room, but especially the bathroom. If your lighting fixtures are drastically dating your space look for a modern option. There are plenty of options, some of the most popular ones include pendants and bars. It’s an opportunity to flex your unique personality. If there’s wiring to be done, leave it to a professional.

{ 3 } Fixtures & Fittings

When was the last time you bought a towel rack or even a toilet roll holder? What about the handles on cabinet drawers or the taps and faucet? These are simple upgrades that you can make for pennies and give your bathroom a completely new look. Don’t forget to invest in holders for soap and toothbrushes and a rack for your shower goodies.

{ 4 } Textiles

If your bathroom is looking tired your textiles may have a lot to do with it. Think about how often you purchase bath mats and towels. If it’s been a while then you’ll need to start looking, they are a great opportunity to add splashes of colours throughout and lift the space. Just don’t forget about your shower curtain, and you may want to invest in two sets so that you can swap them out while the others are being washed.

{ 5 } Declutter

One of the biggest problems with bathrooms is they look messy even when they’re clean and the big reason for this is clutter. Maximise your storage by implementing floating shelves or baskets that can be mounted on the walls. You can also implement tall pieces of slim furniture for additional storage space where possible. You can even use the likes of a sugar bowl for your cotton balls and other odds and ends, or a tall vase to hold toilet rolls. When everything has a place, you’ll start to see a more stylish bathroom immediately.

{ 6 } Flooring

If your floor is looking tired there are affordable options at your disposal; opt for resilient vinyl floor boards to complete your look and protect your wallet. You can choose a stone or wood pattern and they look incredibly realistic but come with the added protection against moisture. They’re also incredibly easy to install.

{ 7 } Tiles

If you have exhausting wall tiling you can upgrade it on the sly. There are plenty of colours and patterns available in adhesive wall tiles. They’re simple to apply and easy to remove, too. They look just like the real deal and won’t do any damage to the surface beneath.

{ 8 } Statement Mirror

You probably haven’t put much thought into the bathroom mirror since you moved in. It very likely was there before you and it’s served its purpose so far, but this is an easy way to give the room a lift and add a touch of your own taste. Why not visit Laura Ashley voucher @ HotUKSavings to take advantage of the incredible mirrors that are on offer. There’s something for every taste and every size bathroom, whether you’re looking to choose a statement piece or you’d prefer something small and subtle.

{ 9 } Go Green

Nothing finishes a bathroom space like a bit of nature. Consider a potted plant that does well in heat and humidity, something like an orchid or ivy. If your thumb isn’t green, jazz the place up with some fake greenery instead.

{ 9 } Art

Art is for every room, no matter your style or taste. The added bonus is that there are plenty of pieces that are treated to make them waterproof. If you have a favourite piece already you may be able to have it treated. Alternatively, consider visiting a custom printer to blow up some of your favourite holiday or scenery shots! Custom printers should be able to provide waterproof treatment for your new canvases.