Samsung The Frame TV: Samsung’s New QLED TV

Samsung The Frame TV manages to combine functionality and design in the most fashionable and interactive way possible. While this product has been around since 2017, Samsung has recently unveiled an updated, up scaled version with QLED display and additional Smart features.

We may still be quite far off the mark of with flying cars and having a man on Mars, but Samsung was at least able to bring Harry Potter’s moving portraits a reality with the Samsung The Frame TV. With the Frame TV series, Samsung combines a high-end smart TV with interior décor completely changing your entire viewing experience for the better.

Known as ‘The Frame,’ this newest addition to Samsung’s arsenal of high-end QLED flatscreen smart TVs mimics popular museum artworks and art pieces and make them the main aesthetic focal point of your living room.

Samsung The Frame TV manages to combine functionality and design in the most fashionable and interactive way possible. While this product has been around since 2017, Samsung has recently unveiled an updated, up scaled version with QLED display and additional Smart features.

Samsung The Frame TV: State-of-the-art TV

In this fast-paced, ever-changing world we live in, almost every aspect of the way we cope with our day-to-day life is changing rapidly as well. Businesses are always trying to come up with something new that can help establish their business and set them apart from the others. Some of these innovations are done in hope of sparking a movement or attracting a new group of consumers in the cutthroat market. This is not something new for Samsung, which is why it came up with The Frame TV.
State-of-the-art TV

This year, Samsung releases a smart home gadget with an exceptional display and stylish look that can add value and beauty to your home interior and style. Samsung the Frame TV’s QLED display uses quantum dot technology, which is almost as similar to the same OLED displays but with richer contrasts, deeper blacks, and 100% color quality. In addition to its super sharp and clear cinematic display, The Frame TV also includes Bixby, Samsung’s equivalent to Apple’s Siri. Bixby’s AI-voice control feature allows voice command functions such as accessing streaming sites without having to stand up and reach for the remote control. So convenient, right?

Samsung The Frame TV: A Gadget and A Décor

Contrary to what most people believe, Samsung’s marketing point for the Frame TV isn’t with its QLED performance, or its high-end features. Its main marketing point is in its ability to transform itself from a TV to a piece of art. It is a smart home gadget that can transform into an elegant wall art décor. After catching up on the latest episode of that drama you’re following, you can just turn your tv off and stare at some therapeutic artwork of various types! You can choose to display a painting of beautiful lilies, a sunset view of the Great Canyons or maybe an old family picture from a vacation a few years back.

If you want to display classic masterpieces like Van Gogh’s Starry Night, along with 24 of his other well-known art works, that’s no problem with the Frame TV. Users who wish to decorate their walls with post-impressionist works of art can choose from over 1,000 art pieces from different museum partnerships around the world. In addition, The Frame also includes beautiful artworks from Artspace, New York Times, Magnum Photos, Saatchi Art, Lumas, Sedition, and other museums in Italy and Netherlands. Here’s the catch though: each artwork will set you back $20 or you can pay a $5 per month subscription to access the full collection.

Smart Home Function of Samsung The Frame TV

Smart Home Function of Samsung The Frame TV
The Frame TV comes with a standard plain black bezel, which allows you to customize it to whatever home interior you have. It also has a customizable wooden frame in Walnut, White, and Beige Wood colors, precisely imitates a painting or a photograph affixed to the wall for an additional fee of $200. If you get bored with your Frame TV’s color, you can adjust it with a single click! But the impressive part of this all is Samsung’s No Gap Wall Mount system. This technology sets the TV as close as possible to the wall. It also uses Samsung’s Invisible Connection Cable for better and cleaner cable management.

Users also don’t have to worrya bout consuming unnecessary power with The Frame since it is designed to only display artworks when it senses someone is in the room. This type of television uses advanced a motion sensor that keeps images on screen when it senses movements from its surroundings. When it doesn’t sense any movement, it automatically reverts to a blank screen to save power. In addition to this impressive function, The Frame TV also comes with an ambient light sensor that adjusts to the brightness level of the room for a clearer, crisper display irrespective of the light setup.

When it was first launched in 2017, Samsung The Frame TV had a price range of $2,000 for the 55-inch model and $2,800 for the 65-inch one.

A Standalone Home Décor

Samsung The Frame TV is not just another “aesthetic-focused T.” It functions as both a lifestyle television and a standalone home décor. As a matter of fact, The Frame TV used to be marketed solely in interior design for its aesthetics rather than for its technological features. Fortunately, this TV will now be available for a wider consumer market.

Final Thoughts on Samsung The Frame TV

Final Thoughts on Samsung The Frame TV
Samsung’s The Frame TV is something that a lot of people who enjoy aesthetics and functionality in one. It is a device that doesn’t quite resemble your standard television at all. It not only features state-of-the-art technologies, but it also has a function that helps disguise it as a framed painting. Take time to consider its flat design, its stylish frame, or its Art Mode that conveniently allows you to display paintings or photographs off your screen. The best part of it is that it can be easily customized to complement any home décor or theme!

The Samsung Frame TV is a beautiful piece of art that would surely look good in your living room. You might end up shelling out a bit more of $$$, but it will definitely be worth it.