Reflection of Style: Guide to Decorating with mirrors

Whether you’re decorating an apartment, bedroom, bathroom or entire house, the mirror is the must-have accent. Coming from someone who believes you can never have enough mirrors in the home, here are some useful and stylish ways to incorporate them into each room of the house:

Size matters

Are you decorating that trendy downtown Manhattan loft and therefore starved for space? I’m sure by now you’ve already done plenty of research on space-saving decorating techniques, but here’s one more you may not have heard about: add a mirror. Putting a mirror in a room, particularly a tiny area, will visually expand the space. Create the illusion of a bigger bedroom or living room with this strategically placed object. The same goes for narrow corridors or staircases: adding a mirror to the wall will seemingly expand the space and create a pleasant transition from one room to the next.