Redeveloping London with Ben Kelly from Lanbury

London is one of the most  desirable cities to live in the world. Large and already crowded, there is still a sprawl of new residential developments throughout the city. With this sprawl, properties have to stand out, but so too do the developers.  Lanbury London is one of them. Founded nearly 4 years ago by Directors Ben Kelly and Ben Gannon, it produces a variety of buildings intended not only for residential but also commercial use.

Selling off plan, pre-sale or under production are now not as easy as they used to be. Now clients are more traumatic and responsive to market dynamics, and accessible good quality on offer. Selling a new development within the set up time and obtaining perfect benefits require new real property marketing approaches that incorporate the three essential elements: transaction security, transparency of who is the corporate at the back of the promoting and a purchaser orientation. These three elements must be found in any promotional action that the valuables developer includes out in its property advertising plan.

It all begins with the correct frame of mind from the promoter or developer. If the entrepreneur does no longer exhibit a customer service mentality and a win-win attitude, then promoting him will not succeed; rather, he will not deliver you the benefits you expect. That’s why in this article you’ll be introduced to Lanbury, certainly one of London’s new breed of residential developers.

London is probably the most perfect towns to stay in the world. Large and already crowded, there’s still a sprawl of new residential advancements throughout the city. With this sprawl, houses have to face out, yet so too do the developers. Lanbury London is one of them. Headquartered nearly four years ago with the aid of Administrators Ben Kelly and Ben Gannon, it produces a number buildings meant now not only for residential but in addition advertisement use.

Lanbury London has over 25 years of experience. Ben Kelly and Ben Gannon are business companions with long experience in investing, land acquisition, and new home sales. With their lengthy experience, they have succeeded in generating new conversions in East and South East London.

Ben Kelly Lanbury:

“Lanbury Organization is a design led firm that produces good crafted, bespoke and extremely applicable homes.” Ben Kelly, Director Lanbury

Ben Gannon Lanbury:

His companion keeps “Ben and I pride ourselves on developing premium good quality layout to help rework previously user-used city landscapes and spaces into new bright, dynamic environments.” Ben Gannon, Lanbury London

With this in intellect their process is broken down and simplified into 5 main areas:

  • Lanbury Office
  • Lanbury Land
  • Lanbury Industrial
  • Lanbury Estate
  • Lanbury Retail

Lanbury comprises close collaboration between all the teams, especially the London architects. This collaboration ensures that development, acquisition, planning, and transport move as intended. The design and paintings of the Lanbury London estate were applied via some of the UK’s such a lot experienced engineers, craftsmen, and contractors. In case of making plans an indoors design, getting the inside layout right for a brand new build domestic with Lanbury will be a enjoyable experience yet necessary to promoting and selling the property. In any case you’re making places where people want to live, let’s make it as nice as possible.


The constant seek for new investment and development possibilities continues. To this day, Lanbury is still exploring new funding and progress opportunities, no matter if or not it’s land, conversion or mixed-use projects.

No nonsense approach

Lanbury’s approach to buying opportunities is an earnest approach with bids signed on the Director level, and naturally after particular due diligence. The identity and checking out of possibilities are the foremost to task success. Once a plan has been diagnosed with the aid of the Lanbury Group, assignment management will start in areas such as:

  • Acquisition

Lanbury has necessarily adopted a flexible approach to the deal structure and decision-making technique that allows them to act quickly without breaking the rules.

  • Project Planning

Planning approval is absolutely not victorious without a right navigation process. Lanbury ensures a precise and quick navigation technique attributable to skilled consultants.

  • Expertise

Lanbury in simple terms employs people who are experts in their fields. They always employ engineers, contractors, and craftsmen who’ve lengthy journey and a good reputation.

  • Marketing

For marketing, Lanbury takes an artistic approach, one of which is using the Beast video creation organisation to deliver the tasks to life, both via utilizing drone videos or placing collectively time-lapse visuals. Advertising is applied openly, meaning that each one verbal exchange is attainable to make sure mutual knowledge between the parties involved.

Lanbury is finally a company with a attitude to providing the highest attainable quality it truly is noticeable within the finish and the styles that Lanbury chooses to paintings with.. Ben Kelly and Ben Gannon ought to be proud that they controlled to make certain a tender collaboration from upstream to downstream, among the events involved; architects, engineers, craftsmen, and contractors. This enterprise keeps to look a long way forward by means of attempting to hold up with all technological advances and inventive innovations which in turn can ensure the sustainability and achievement of the ensuing buildings.