Reasons Why You Need to Install a Shower Filter

Shower filters play an important role in protecting the skin from a wide variety of harmful chemicals which are contained in water. Tap water has over the years been revealed to contain chlorine. Most often than not, the chlorine concentration in tap water may be so high that one can readily pick up its smell from water. While chlorine addition to the tap water by water companies is aimed at combating bacteria and other germs, this doesn’t rule out the fact that it is a dangerous and hazardous chemical, especially to the skin.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Shower Filters, Including Hand Held Shower Filter

Get Rid Of Harmful Chlorine And Chemicals

Chlorine is an extremely strong solvent. This chemical is an important component of many cleaning products including household cleaning chemicals like bleach. However, to prevent against bacteria and germ growth, water companies add chlorine to water. Being an extremely strong chemical, continued exposure to chlorine may present some skin related hazards. In addition, chlorine is more dangerous when turned into fumes and inhaled, especially during hot showers. The chlorinated fumes can over tome accumulate and damage delicate tissues within the lungs. The use of hand held shower filters however can prevent against such exposures.

Improve the Quality of Hair and Skin

The chlorine contained in water has been reported to play a negative role in the health of the skin and hair. Continuous exposure to chlorinated water can lead to stripping away of natural oils from the skin and hair which causes the skin to be dry and brittle. The hair, over time, may also begin to break off and thin out. People with sensitive skin may also record incidence of skin related conditions such as eczema due to continued exposure to chlorinated water. The use of hand held shower filters can however prevent against these occurrences.

Make Water Softer

Soft water is recommended for all, however, in most cases, there is high prevalence of hard water which is due to the accumulation of elements such magnesium, calcium, and other minerals. The minerals contained in the water is what qualifies it to be called ‘hard water’ and to make the water soft. Using a shower filter is one of the best recommended solutions to stripping off all the minerals contained in water.

Keep Shower Tiles and Surfaces Cleaner

People who live in areas with predominantly hard water understand the pain and headaches caused by hard water as it not only affects the shower but also surrounding structures like the shower screens, floors, and tiles. Shower stains caused by hard water are harder to clean. Hard water also causes the shower heads to clog up quickly and become encrusted with residue.

Hard water may over time cause white calcification which can get stuck in-between tiles and build up over time. The buildup may be harder to clean and in most cases also reduces the appeal of the bathroom. The use of hand held shower filters however can help prevent against these consequences associated with hard water.

Remove Harmful THMs from water

Trihalomethanes (THM) are compounds we do not hear about every day, however, medical studies have linked this compound to several types of cancer and as such makes it a health risk factor.
THMs are created when chlorine in water reacts to organic material in water while traveling through drains, pipes, and other channels. The use of shower filters can prevent against direct contact of the hair and skin with such water.

How To Install Hand Held Shower Filter?

Having understood some of the several benefits of hand held shower filters, there is the need to also understand how to install it for effective usage.

When planning on installing hand held shower filters, you should know that you do require extra equipment other than the shower filter itself. Endeavor to get a flexible shower hose, a shower head holder which may also be referred to as a shower head bracket, hand held shower head holder or shower head riser bracket.

To install this, it is recommended that you get a clean towel so that you can get a good grip on the old shower head while twisting to unlock it. Once the old shower head has been removed, replace with the new shower head filter as appropriate.

If you need to install a new hose, you should first unscrew the old hos from the male threaded pipe and this is usually in the anti-clockwise direction. Once the old hose is removed, replace with the new hose and enjoy your next shower.