Qualities Of Spokane Roofing Companies You Should Always Take Note Of

Below are the important qualities that a roofing company has to possess. You should be on the lookout for these qualities as you search for a roofer to deal with your Spokane roofing needs.

Every homeowner in Spokane has to make sure that their roof remains in excellent condition throughout different seasons. The roofing system, after all, is their home’s main line of defense. Whether it’s a total roof replacement or just a minor repair, working with a roofing company that can accomplish the job without any problem is extremely important.

There’s a lot of Spokane roofing companies; the problem is that only a few of them truly deliver excellent service as promised. It’s why it can really be tricky to find the right one. Having said that, there are certain qualities that homeowners like you have to look for to ensure that you’re hiring a trustworthy roofer.

Below are the important qualities that a roofing company has to possess. You should be on the lookout for these qualities as you search for a roofer to deal with your Spokane roofing needs.


Of course, the experience of the roofing company in providing roofing services is the most crucial quality that homeowners should be looking for when selecting one. Look at the number of years that the Spokane roofing company has been in professional business.

Don’t forget that one could lack the necessary experience that will allow them to handle the most common challenges that are associated with roofing projects. In fact, some companies might have the expertise on paper, but still don’t have the experience needed to execute roofing replacements and repairs very well.

Ideally, look for one that has five or more years of experience already. It makes sense, especially since most of them don’t live long enough to reach their third year in business. Ask for details about previous projects they’ve tackled. Also, get information about their past clients in your area.



The license of the Spokane roofing companies tells you that they’re trustworthy. It also indicates that they have the necessary technical knowledge required when replacing or repairing roof systems. Being properly licensed is another very important quality that you should be looking for when trying to hire a roofing contractor. More importantly, the license is what shows that the company has the approval from the country or state for them to legally conduct business. It’s essential to note that a professional license to operate differs from a business license. That said, always carefully check the details that your prospective roofing company in Spokane provides.

Quality Customer Service

As a customer or client, you should be expecting nothing less than a helpful and friendly service as you step into the office of a Spokane roofing company. It’s also true whether you’re contacting them through their website, a phone call, or an email. The quality of customer service is essential, and it’s something that should start with the very first contact you’ll make with the roofer.

When inquiring about their roofing services and you don’t feel like you’re getting all the attention you deserve as a client at any point, don’t hesitate to check your other options. Take note of how they’ve treated you and compare it to other service providers. Of course, choose the roofing company with the best customer service quality.

Established Reputation

After contacting your prospective roofing company, start some digging online. Try to see what their previous clients in Spokane have to say. It’s an excellent way of looking at their reputation. Please keep in mind that the more relevant information you’ll find, the more established the roofer is. Also, as already mentioned above, it’s a good idea to ask for references from the roofing contractor so that you can directly talk to their previous clients and, maybe, solicit some opinions. It’s also better if a company can show a portfolio of their past projects as proof of their skills.



Another thing that your prospective roofer should possess is liability insurance. It serves as a protection against any accidental property damages. As you probably already know, it’s really a huge risk to go on hiring an uninsured Spokane roofing company. In addition to being insured, it’s also essential that the roofing contractor offers compensation to cover its workers in case injuries occur on the site.

Free Inspection Policy

A Spokane roofing contractor shouldn’t charge you for an initial inspection. Any costs associated with the time they spent coming out for inspecting your roof’s possible damage should be shouldered by them. Also, expect them to give you an estimation of how much the alteration, installation, repair, or roof replacement will cost if you decide to move forward with their services.


To sum things up, you must do due diligence before working with any roofing companies in Spokane. To successfully separate the grain from the chaff, look at the roofer’s experience and reputation. Most importantly, look for a company that cares about genuinely providing value to clients.