Proven Methods To Eliminate Hornets Near Your House

However, it is worth speaking to your local pest control experts to find out more info about hornets in your area.

Hornets are effectively large wasps. They generally operate in the same manner as wasps although you may be surprised to learn that they are less aggressive than wasps. Of course, they will attack if they perceive you as a threat. In general, this means you’ve got too close to their nest or you’re busying trying to swat them.

It should be noted that the Asian hornet is a different matter. It is larger and more aggressive, often referred to as the murder hornet. Asian hornets were first discovered in the US in 2020, the nest was located and eliminated. At present, you’re unlikely to be dealing with this type of hornet.

However, it is worth speaking to your local pest control experts to find out more info about hornets in your area.

There are several ways in which you can get rid of hornets near your home. However, you need to decide whether they are close enough to consider you a threat, if not, they may be better left to their own devices.

In many cases, the best course of action is to call the professionals, your local pest control company has the tools and equipment to handle the nest without endangering you. While the following methods can be used to eliminate the hornets, you should not tackle a hornet nest if you’ve ever experienced an allergic reaction to wasp stings.

Eliminate Hornets Near Your House3

Single Hornets

If a hornet has flown into your home by mistake then a fly swat or rolled-up newspaper can eliminate it.

However, a hornet under attack releases a pheromone to tell other hornets, they may also arrive to assess the situation. You may find it safer to use the vacuum cleaner. Simply suck the hornet up and leave it in the vacuum. Once it’s definitely dead you can carefully empty the vacuum.

Spraying The Nest

This is one of the most common approaches. You pick up a spray at your local store designed to be used on hornet nests. The idea is you spray the nest and leave the area.

You need to do this late at night or first thing in the morning. This is when the hornets are most likely to be home and the temperature is at its coolest. Cooler temperatures mean the hornets will be slower to react.

You spray, leave the nest, and get rid of it a few days later when you know they are all dead.

Eliminate Hornets Near Your House1

Bag Disposal

This is very effective when dealing with a hornet nest in a tree. You’ll need a sturdy bag that can be held on a pole under the nest. With a long-handled pair of hedge trimmers cut the attachment between the nest and the tree. The nest will drop into the bag and you can seal it closed.

It’s then possible to burn the nest or simply keep the bag sealed for several days to ensure the hornets have died. You can then dispose of it according to local guidelines.

Garden Tidy

The tidier your garden the less likely it is that hornets will nest. Tri your trees, repaint walls, clear eaves, and even hang a fake nest. This will help prevent hornets from settling in your area.