Proven Ideas to Extend the Life Span of Your Home Appliances

Well, before you start relaxing in your new home, you need to have quick planning about how you are going to maintain the home appliances that you use almost every moment in your home.

Recently moved to your new house? Finally, the wait is over, it is delighting to move to the home that you had dreamt of- full of happiness and sharing the joy with your loved ones.

However, the feeling of moving to the new house is a blend of two emotions- excitement and stress. You have an endless number of tasks on your to-do list, like placing all the home appliances on the planned positions, finding the grocery items from the packages, get the electricity & water supply, ask about the gardening services, arrange all other stuff on the right place, and whatnot. You hardly have any idea where to begin and how to manage the tasks within the expected time.

Well, before you start relaxing in your new home, you need to have quick planning about how you are going to maintain the home appliances that you use almost every moment in your home.

Want to know in-depth what I am talking about? In this post, we’ll discuss how important the maintenance of home appliances is and I’ll share a few proven tips that can help you extend the life expectancy of your home appliances.
Importance of Regular Maintenance of Home Appliances

Importance of Regular Maintenance of Home Appliances

In our daily lives, we use numerous home appliances to make our lives comfortable and reduce our workload- a commercial fridge, air conditioner, microwave, dishwasher, residential washer & dryer, and so on. The majority of people do not pay attention to the repair and maintenance of their home appliances, unless and until something gets worse.

But if you take care of these appliances on your own on a regular basis, you can directly avoid the last-minute problems and stay out of the expensive repair services in the future.

In fact, the majority of the damages and problems occur only because of daily carelessness and other things that we skip in our daily lives. This results in serious damages in the home appliances that further demands high repair and maintenance costs. Can’t believe it? Have a look at a few stats and reports prepared recently:

11% of dishwasher related complaints arose mentioning the lack of cleaning the dishwasher properly, and 9% of complaints were about not drying properly.

And in most of these cases, the reason of these failures is either the inlet valve, wash arm, drain pump, or circulation pump breaks. Fixing these damages can actually cost a huge amount. Getting regular service and maintenance of these appliances can bypass these issues and thus even helps you save time and expenses. So, following some tips on a regular basis at your home will not only save you the repair costs but even extends the life of your home appliances and even saves plenty of time.

Beneficial Tips That Can Save your Home Appliances

Home appliances are things that aren’t purchased very often and they don’t come cheap. So, you need to maintain them regularly so that you don’t have to spend a lot getting them fixed or even replace them in worse cases. However, there’s nothing to worry about, I am sharing a few tips that you must consider in your daily life to increase the life span of your home appliances:
Beneficial Tips That Can Save your Home Appliances

  • Removing dirt from AC unit: The part of an AC unit that collects the dirt is actually the evaporating coil. As air conditioners are not at all cheap, you need to maintain it regularly. To extend the life span of your AC, you must regularly clean and even vacuum the dust thoroughly. In case, you find ice freezing over the evaporating coils, you need to immediately call some expert electrical service provider in order to avoid future damage and get the things fixed right away.
  • Clean the coils of the fridge: You need to clean the condenser coils of the refrigerator from time to time. If the dust particles remain on the coils, it will result in overheating the motor of the refrigerator. So, use a brush or vacuum cleaner to clean the coil and remove the dust particles.
  • Don’t overload your clothes washer: In order to save time while doing laundry, most of the people overload the washing machine. But this might be the biggest mistake because it causes the components of the washer to wear and even break out. So, try avoiding overloading the machine in the future.
  • Scrub the oven and range: You must regularly clean the oven from inside and avoid food debris to stick on the burner’s surface. And remember, avoid spraying cleaning fluid directly on the control panels because it might result in a short circuit.
  • Clean the dishwasher’s filter properly: Not everyone has a dishwasher in their house, and if you have one, you must handle it with utmost care. You should do regular cleaning of the filter of your dishwasher as it catches all the food chunks and other food waste. Cleaning it regularly will ensure that the filter doesn’t get clogged in the future and works properly for a longer period. Also, you must avoid overloading it. However, in case your dishwasher gets stuck and requires repair, make sure that you get it done from some well-experienced and professional repair service provider.

Get Expert Repairmen For Home Appliance Repair & Services in BC Canada

Simply a few seconds of regular maintenance of the home appliances can help extend its life span. Still, there will be times when these appliances will need some professional help. In that case, you cant think of fixing it by yourself or from an ordinary vendor. You need to look for some professional repairmen who have relevant experience in the home appliance services. Repairs can be costly and you can’t afford to waste money on some unprofessional service provider. Victoria Appliance Repair BC is one such vendor for providing professional repairs and maintenance services for home appliances. Having a team of experts who have immense experience in this industry lets them carry out the services in an accurate manner and fix the appliances with the right skill set and tools. You can anytime connect with the experts and avail the budget-friendly services.