Your Dream House: 7 Real Reasons to Build a Custom Home in 2020

Keep reading for a whole list of reasons why you should build a custom house in 2020 instead of buying a new one.

Are you moving within the next few months? It’s never too late to look around for new places to live. Instead of looking for houses though, why not build a custom home?

Think about it, a custom house means you get to have a space that you personalized all on your own. There are not as many limitations on where you can put it, and you get to choose the materials that go into building the house. These are only a few benefits.

Keep reading for a whole list of reasons why you should build a custom house in 2020 instead of buying a new one.

1. You Can Personalize it the Way You Want

When you’re building a custom house it’s your house so, your rules. You get to personalize and design it any way that you want.
You Can Personalize it the Way You Want

If you want the entire thing to be purple? You’ve got it! Want a certain type of light fixture?

Your builders will be able to make that happen. You can’t get the same effect with a house that’s already been build without spending a ton of money on renovations.

2. You Can Build it Anywhere

If you’re buying a house, you’re a little limited when it comes to where you can live. You can’t uproot a whole house and move it near the school you want your kids to go to.

If you were building your own house, you can find a lot that’s close to the school, purchase it, and then hire builders to get to work.

There is no limit on location. If you like the idea of living in Austin for example, then you can read more now to find the perfect area to live.

3. Match it With Your Lifestyle

Do you like to host a lot of get-togethers? Depending on how many people usually attend, you’re going to need a lot of floor space to accommodate everyone. You can have your custom house built with this factor in mind.

Are you a painter who needs enough room to store your supplies and work?

You can pencil in a nice, big artist studio into your floorplan. Whatever your lifestyle, you can build your custom house to work around it.

4. There’s Room for Surprises

Say, you’re moving into a home with your spouse. The two of you don’t need that much room so you buy a small house. A couple of months later and you receive a little surprise. Turns out your two-person family is turning into three.
There’s Room for Surprises
When this happens you’ll have to either move or pay out money to add extra space onto your home.

When you’re building a custom house you’re not going to want to uproot anytime soon so chances are you’re going to go ahead and plan for future events like a growing family.

5. You Get to Choose the Materials

When you’re buying a home, chances are you weren’t there when it was built. You have no idea how old the material is or what was used. You don’t know how durable the place is going to be. Not really anyway.

If you build a custom home, then you get a say in every single read more now that’s used in its construction. You’ll get to have a little peace of mind knowing that it’s not going to fall in on you anytime soon.

6. You Also Get to Choose Your Builders

The thing about buying a home is you have no idea what company built it before you bought it. Even if you know who built it you didn’t get a chance to talk with them personally before the house was constructed or watch them work for that matter. How do you know you can trust them?

You don’t know. If you decide to build your own custom house then you get to choose your own builders. You can do the entire process of researching different companies and finding someone you can trust.

7. Saving Money

Saving Money
The initial cost of building a home may feel expensive but in the long run, you’ll be able to get most of it back in the savings you’ll get to take advantage of. Your energy bill will be lower and you won’t have to worry about maintenance quite so much.

Energy Savings

If you buy older home chances are it won’t be fitted with all the latest technology and features to make it energy efficient. When you’re building your home you can spring for energy-saving fixtures and other factors to help you save on your power bill.


Buying a home can feel a little like roulette. You may buy a home and not run into any maintenance trouble for a while. You could move in and suddenly find out that there are a million things wrong with the place that was hidden when you did the initial walkthrough.

If you decide to build a custom house everything is new so it won’t need heavy maintenance for a while. Even if it does, most of it is going to be under warranty still so you can get it replaced for free or at least cheap.

Build a Custom Home for the Ultimate in Personalization and Peace of Mind

If you’re going to be moving within the next few months or so, why not build a custom home rather than find a house to buy? You’ll be able to personalize the entire thing and being able to choose your materials and builders will give you more peace of mind. It’s a no brainer.

Even after your new custom home is built there will always be room for improvement. Check out our blog daily for all the latest house ideas!