Types of Burglar Alarms in The Market

Burglar alarms are the most used and common security devices; you may not see an office or a restaurant without a burglar alarm. But if you live in a far-off place or the countryside, you also need to install a security system.

People prefer burglar alarm as they are easy to manage and customize. Moreover, these are more affordable than security cameras. This article will deal with eh types of burglar alarms. Most people think that there is only one type of burglar alarm, but now the technological world has evolved and created several other types. Check this to learn more about burglar alarms.


Before buying and installing a burglar alarm, you must learn and understand each type of alarms available. This way, you will not confront any issue during the burglar alarm installation.

Types of burglar alarms

1. Bells only

As the name implies, the bells only burglar alarm is the one that will ring whenever there would be some intruders. These are the best alarms to deter the intruders; they may flee the place or not find the burglar alarms.

The best part about the bells only burglar alarm is the two types of alarms. It comes with an internal alarm that will only turn off when there are zero emergencies. If you live at a lowered risk site, so these are the most suitable burglar alarms.

2. Wireless alarms

These are the advanced burglar alarms, and you do not need a wired LAN internet connection to make this one work. You feel the freedom of installation when you have the wireless systems. No constraints of wired internet connection if you have a strong WIFI connection at your place.

Home  alarm system: PIN code number wall keypad

3. Wired alarms

These are some classical alarms, and you need both eh wired power connection and internet connection. These are safe if you have no wireless internet connection. In some regions, the WIFI internet does not work as smoothly as the LAN internet systems. The only restriction is the connection supplies, which may not be available across the house.

4. Monitored

These are the alarms that are controlled and managed by some security companies. They will make sure that everything is ok at your home. Whenever there are some intruders, the alarms will automatically turn on and notify the security companies along with the residents. They will immediately call you to check if you are fine and then send the security personals to protect you from any mishap.

Even though you have installed a burglar alarm, you still need home security insurance to recover any damage. People usually do not consider it, and they prefer to invest only in systems, then on their house’s financial stability.

Whichever security system you choose, make sure that it suits the need of your house. Sometimes it is the wired system you need for your house, but instead of buying the wired alarms, you come home with the wireless, only because the seller said it is more advanced.