Teeth Whitening in Singapore: How Long Before your Wedding should you get your Teeth Whitened?

Depending on your preferences, you can always choose between a short-term teeth whitening treatment or a long-time solution. Here’s the twist; you do not want your teeth to lose their brightness or get re-stained just before the wedding. 

If you have your eyes set on the wedding, one thing that’s for sure is that you want not only to look but also feel your best on that big day. From arranging your dress in advance to getting your skin glowing, you must also be thinking of improving your smile.

Now, if you’re not lucky enough to have snow-white teeth, your best bet would be to search for the best dental clinic offering teeth whitening in Singapore. This will ensure that you look great in your wedding photos and feel confident during the whole program.

Depending on your preferences, you can always choose between a short-term teeth whitening treatment or a long-time solution. Here’s the twist; you do not want your teeth to lose their brightness or get re-stained just before the wedding.

Therefore, you will basically have to determine the ideal time to get your teeth whitened before the wedding. In today’s guide, we share a few pointers that will help you determine the ideal time to consider teeth whitening in Singapore.

When should you get your Teeth Whitened before the Wedding?

Timely teeth whitening treatment is an integral part of your whole wedding preparation process. Ideally, it doesn’t really matter the type of teeth whitening treatment you’re considering.

It is important that you make your preparations early, so you will have your teeth white just as you want them on your wedding day. There is a wide range of (over-the-counter) OTC teeth whitening products that you may consider for whitening your teeth.

Most of these OTC teeth whitening products utilize hydrogen peroxide to bleach stains that gets accumulated on the outer layer of the teeth enamel. They’re available in various forms, including strips and whitening gels, etc.

Teeth Whitening2

If you’re considering OTC teeth whitening products to whiten your teeth, you should expect to wait for up to 14 days to see any improvements depending on the product you’ll be using. Therefore, you will need to factor these 14 days in your preparations and begin whitening your teeth earlier.

Consumer reports suggest that even though these products can help eliminate stains that may form due to continued tobacco use or eating colored foods, the results are not as effective as those you can get with professional teeth whitening treatments. Professional teeth whitening treatment is also recommendable because other than doing a good job in removing stains; the cosmetic dentist can always customize the treatments depending on your preferences and the severity of stains on your teeth.

For instance, you can get the treatments customized to achieve a specific whiteness level on your teeth. Professional teeth whitening in Singapore may also be your best bet if you are pressed for time since you can get some of these treatments in just one session.

Nonetheless, it is still imperative that you make a timely arrangement with your cosmetic dentist, so you’re sure you’ll be able to get an appointment before the wedding. If, for any reason, you have to get professional teeth whitening treatments early (that’s several days before the wedding), be sure to seek and follow the provider’s guidelines on how to take care of your teeth, depending on the treatment they offered.

Ideally, you can expect them not to recommend any beverage or foods that may stain your teeth. If you cannot completely keep of the mentioned beverages, for example, red wine and dark cola, etc., ensure that you drink through a straw every time you take these drinks so you can protect your teeth.

Is getting your Teeth Professionally Whitened before the Wedding Worth it?

Choosing between OTC teeth whitening and professional teeth whitening is usually an individual choice. Keep reading to see the subtle differences between the two options and why you may consider one over the other.

Now, if you were to opt for OTC products like Crest Whitestrips for whitening your teeth before the wedding, you will most probably get pleasing results. Here’s the catch; using these products isn’t usually a walk in the park, and they’d only whiten your front six teeth.

Therefore, they’d only be ideal if you have capped back teeth. You may also be thinking of whitening rinses and toothpaste, but then they also don’t really guarantee much in as far as whitening your teeth is concerned.

Unlike the OTC products, where you have very little control over the treatment’s effectiveness or how fast you can notice any change, teeth whitening in Singapore at a dentist’s office is more controlled. For instance, the cosmetic dentist may recommend the tray system.

The tray system from your dentist’s office may be preferred because of the flexibility that comes with it, and you can always touch up your teeth to maintain that alluring sparkle. Other than being cumbersome, the over-the-counter teeth whitening products may be dangerous to digest or too strong on your teeth and gums.

Teeth Whitening3

This implies that there is a risk of running into complications if you use the OTC products at home wrongly. On the contrary, professional teeth whitening in Singapore caries, considerably lesser risks because the whiteners used here are safe.

They’re also effective and, most importantly, done under supervision, meaning that chances of running into complications are very slim. With those core considerations, even though getting your teeth professionally whitened before your wedding may be a little costlier than the OTC products, it is worth that extra cost.

Be Keen on your Choice of Mouthwash after Teeth whitening

You don’t want to see your teeth getting re-stained after whitening them before your wedding. Well, avoiding foods and beverages that may stain your teeth is not enough.

You will also need to use only dental hygiene products that won’t harm your teeth or interfere with the sparkle. For example, you may also need to avoid alcohol-based mouthwashes.

The alcohol in these products can weaken your tooth structure and dry out dental work like composite bonding. Strongly colored mouthwash may also stain your teeth; therefore, it would be worth sticking to alcohol-free, colorless mouthwash.

In Closing

If you’re considering the OTC teeth whitening products, may consider beginning to use them around three weeks before your wedding. For professional teeth whitening in Singapore, you can get the treatment even a few days to the wedding but you will need to schedule your appointment with the provider early. Give us a call to learn more about how we can help you with in-office teeth whitening.