Signs You Need a New Garex Garage Door Installed

Although the garage isn’t a place that’s likely to be explored by your visitors, the door is still one of the details that first pop out when people glance at your home. And since you’re bound to use it multiple times every day, it’s essential to keep it well-maintained.

Out of all the parts of a house, garage doors probably belong to the list of details that are getting the least amount of attention from homeowners. After all, most home events happen indoors or at the yard, and the garage is oftentimes reduced to a parking space.

In cases where the garage also serves as a workshop or hobby area, most people still forget to get their doors checked regularly. What matters, as a bare minimum, is that it’s able to open and close as it should.

Garage Doors and Their Limits

Although the garage isn’t a place that’s likely to be explored by your visitors, the door is still one of the details that first pop out when people glance at your home. And since you’re bound to use it multiple times every day, it’s essential to keep it well-maintained.
Garage Doors and Their Limits

However, no matter how faithful you are to your maintenance routines, garage doors still have a limited lifespan. At some point, you will have to give up the constant repairs and install completely new doors instead.

Why Should You Go for Garex?

Not all garage doors are built the same, so it’s important that you go for a brand like Garex to ensure quality and longevity. If you currently have a Garex garage door installed, you’re probably already aware of its reliability. If this is your first time considering the brand, here are a few reasons why making the switch is worth it:

  • Continuous Innovation

Garex is serious about providing the best types of garage doors for its customers. Starting with their exclusive composite end blocks, Garex is committed to looking for new products and materials that will help innovate the garage door installation industry.

  • Installer Competence

Garex has a large installer network that is filled with highly qualified members. When it comes to installing a new garage door, you’re better off leaving it to the hands of professionals. After all, it’s a complicated process that needs specialized knowledge and skills.

  • Personalization Options

Whether you want a traditional, country-style, or contemporary garage door, Garex has the style you need. You also get to choose the type of garage door opener, color samples, patterns and texture, as well as the insulation level of your door to ensure that it can withstand the climate in your area.

  • Design Center

To top it all off, the Garex website has a design center where you can try your hand at designing your own garage door. The first page involves choosing your garage door configurations and dimensions. Then, you proceed to choose the door model, color, and glass style.

Garex has a collection of house photos so you can overlay the garage door that you just designed on the house that best matches yours. Or, to see whether your design really fits your house, you can upload a photo of your home to the website and overlay it there.

Once you’re convinced of what Garex can offer, you simply have to fill out the form on the left side of the page to get a quote.

When Should You Consider Calling Garex for a New Garage Door?

When Should You Consider Calling Garex for a New Garage Door
There are a number of tell-tale signs that denote that it’s time for you to install a brand-new garage door. The best choice will mostly depend on your budget, preferences, and lifestyle. Those factors will determine which types of garage door upgrades are the most appropriate for your home’s theme and your family’s needs.

Are you ready to let go of your old doors and install a new one that would aptly match the rest of your home? Listed below are 9 things that suggest you’re better off with a new garage door as soon as possible:

  • Wear and Tear Indications

Despite manufacturers’ promises of durability and quality, time will still catch up to your garage doors at some point. Consistent usage means that your doors will be collecting scratches, cracks, and dents on their surface.

However, if the signs of wear and tear are already beyond the surface, then it might be time to consider installing a new door. Examine your garage door if it has warped edges, serious dents, or corroding details at the bottom.

Once these signs are evident, make sure that you have the door replaced as soon as possible. This isn’t simply a case of “since it’s still working”, you can continue using it.

Aside from being a superficial annoyance, these wear and tear signs also pose safety and security risks. Because your garage door serves as protection from the elements, it must be able to withstand significant pressures and forces.

  • Frequent Repairs

Repairs are necessary to prolong the lifespan of any object. However, if you’ve noticed that the garage door repairman visits more often than you’re able to use the door, then a replacement would definitely be the better solution.

The problem is, many homeowners fail to consider this option, thinking that a repair is still a valid answer to a nagging functionality problem. Eventually, they’d realize that the repairs had cost them more than they’d have to spend on a new installation.

Repairs are only effective up to a certain point. Hence, it’s important to ask installers or manufacturers right from the start about the average lifespan of their garage doors. From there, you can create a solid replacement plan so you wouldn’t have to deal with huge expenses by the time your garage door is due for replacement.

  • New Batteries Aren’t Solving Anything

Your garage door may start acting strangely when its batteries are almost drained. In most cases, a simple battery replacement is enough to solve the problem. However, when the replacement does nothing, then it’s a sign of a faulty mechanism.

If your garage door isn’t that old and dilapidated, you may consider going for a repair first. However, if it’s also displaying signs of wear and tear, along with a history of multiple repairs in the past, then having a new garage door should be on your plans soon.

  • Opening and Closing Speed

While garage doors don’t open instantly, the speed in which it opens or closes shouldn’t be that slow. The response upon starting the mechanism should be immediate. It must also be responsive to sensors if you have an automatic door in place.

If you notice that your garage door is opening and closing a lot slower than it used to, or its response time is considerably delayed, then it’s probably time to replace your door with a new one. When this happens, the problem usually lies with the operational components.

Additionally, it’s also a huge problem when your door detaches from the opener without warnings. This can be extremely dangerous for anyone who’s in the way of the door. Hence, if this is the case for you, make sure that you have the door replaced immediately.

  • Strange Door Noises

When you hear strange noises upon operating the garage door, it typically means that there are parts that need repairs or complete replacements. Although noises seem like minor inconveniences, it’s usually a symptom of faulty parts.

Oftentimes, the problem lies with the garage door opener. This can be checked by a reputable garage door company, and they will look into the system to see if it’s operationally safe.

It might be tempting to just ignore the noise since the door is working as usual, but doing so could lead to more serious disasters. After all, if the parts aren’t aligned the right way, it doesn’t have the full capacity to withstand the forces that it’s supposed to handle.

If you let this go on, the door might collapse when you least expect it, thereby endangering others. To minimize the chances of accidents, it’s best if you replace your garage door right away.

  • Safety and Security Upgrades

Garage doors aren’t simple structures; they’re made of heavy-duty components. Hence, if one or all of the parts aren’t working like they’re supposed to, it can lead to serious injuries or worse, death. It also makes your garage more vulnerable to burglars and natural calamities.

If you see that your door isn’t closing all the way anymore, or that your automatic door doesn’t stop or reverse when the sensor supposedly caught something, it becomes completely unsafe for people to go near your door.

Aside from having the potential to hurt whoever comes along the door’s path, this also gives burglars the perfect opportunity to break into your house.

In this case, it’s recommended to install a new garage door to ensure the safety and security of your family and home. Safety is one of the things that you should never compromise, and installing a new garage door is usually a great way or upgrading your home’s current security.

  • High Utility Costs


One of the telling signs that there might be problems with household systems and appliances is that your utility bills have skyrocketed over the past few months. This is usually caused by the system’s inefficiency, which normally happens as a result of improper usage or lack of maintenance measures.

This also applies to garage doors. If you notice that your heating bills have gone up when you know that you can’t blame your heating and ventilation systems for that, then the garage door might be the culprit.

In such cases, the problem lies with the door’s weather stripping and insulation properties. While this can be solved by repairs and maintenance, the problems are generally irreversible when you’ve started dealing with frequent breakdowns.

Maintenance and repair costs shouldn’t be something that burdens you constantly. If you’ve already gotten to that point, consider going for a complete garage door replacement instead.

  • Recent Episode of Water Submergence

Most areas will not have this issue, but for flood-prone areas, this is definitely a problem.

Water and electronics do not go well together—not in any kind of scenario. You might have dealt with an actual flood, or something might have gone wrong with your water systems at home which caused water to overflow into your garage. No matter what the case is, dealing with a garage door that has been submerged in water is dangerous.

If the remote control had been the only thing affected, then you could get away with getting a new one. However, if the system had been compromised, you should consider getting a whole new system for your safety.

The key is to prevent water damage on your remote control and opener as much as possible. For instance, keeping the remote control in a waterproof compartment is recommended. As for the opener, you may consider examining how prone it is to leaks and come up with ways to protect it in the best way possible.

  • Outdated Appearance and Details

Garage doors are more than just a detail that keeps your car protected. In fact, the looks of doors alone are enough to make a statement, especially if you’re planning to sell your property in the near future.

Whether you’re planning to stay for a long time in your current home or not, an outdated-looking garage door certainly decreases your curb appeal. While your door might still be functional, a replacement may be a worthwhile consideration if it no longer reflects your current personality and lifestyle.

A Reliable Garage Door Will Keep Your Home Safe

A Reliable Garage Door Will Keep Your Home Safe
Garage doors are an important component of any home. Not only do they make a statement by providing a beautiful façade, but they also keep your car and the rest of your family safe.

Most components of your home have a limited lifespan—garage doors are no exception. There will come a time when even maintenance is not enough to keep them going.

Hence, if you notice any signs of wear and tear, it might be time to consider ending the repair cycles and installing a brand-new door to keep up with the current times. After all, a new garage door may be the answer if you’ve been thinking of a way to upgrade your home in terms of aesthetics and security.