Roof Insurance Claim Assistance in McKinney TX

Getting your insurance claims after damages from hail should not be an arduous task. However, most people find the process of filing claims difficult because of the documentation required. We provide services that will save you from this headache. Our team will work with you to ensure you go through the right procedures in the fastest time obtainable to receive your claims.

The first step is ensuring you have properly insured your precious house against natural disasters and harsh environmental conditions which can happen at any time. Once you have paid a premium for this, our team will provide the required assistance to help you go through the process of registering your claim, receiving your funding, and eventual repair or installation of roofing.


A few pointers on how the process works are summarized below. You can always contact us to have more details on the process. We at Nimbus Roofing are McKinney Roofing Company and you will be glad you did.

Claim registration: The moment you experience any storm-related damage to your roofing, it is important you inform your insurance company and request a claim adjuster. An adjuster is a person assigned by your insurance company to validate your claim and also provide an assessment summary to the insurance firm. Once you get the contact of your adjuster, also contact your selected roofer and inform them of the damage to your roof.

Assessment: Your insurance company will send you the details of your claim adjuster who will schedule a day for the assessment of the damage/claim. You should inform your roofer of this scheduled time. If you pick us as your roofing service, we will send a damage inspector to also be around during the assessment of the claim by the adjuster. This dual assessment ensures your interests are well catered to during assessment.

Settlement: The next step is for the adjuster to send in the summary of your claim and state the extent of repair work that needs to be done or total replacement if necessary.

Fund Disbursement: After the details of the claim summary has been agreed upon. The insurance company will send the first installment of your claim check. Inform your roofer immediately this is received as they may need to do additional paperwork to begin the repair or installation.

Installation: Technicians should be at your home to begin work once the first installment of the insurance check has been received. Our team of seasoned professionals is guaranteed to get this done in no time to ensure your home is safe for occupancy again.


There you have it! This simplified process is the reason a lot of people struggle with their roof repairs.