Paint Your Pool Cages and Enjoy Your Swimming This Summer

You need to follow some essential steps for painting your pool cages. 

Pool enclosures are great additions for sunny weather. It provides an extensive layer of protection that helps you to enjoy your swimming. But it is also essential to keep your investment in top shape. If you thought this might cause you thousands of dollars, you are utterly wrong. Sarasota Pool Cage Painting And Repair is quite affordable if you follow some helpful tips.

Repainting your pool cage is time and money-saving. It will extend the life of your investment and protect your pool from harsh weather. Repainting, rescreening, and replacing fasteners can make a worn-out enclosure brand new. You can contact a respected contractor in Sarasota to do the job.

Process of Painting A Pool Cage

You need to follow some essential steps for painting your pool cages.

The Preparatory Steps

This is the first stage of painting and restoring your pool cage. It involves:

  • Make a satisfactory inspection of the entire structure, including the aerial portion. You can use a drone to complete the task.
  • Use water pressure to scan the cage removing any existing paint.
  • Use a fan tip to remove all oxidation from the pool evenly.
  • You can cover the pool with solar panels for sheltering it from the sun.
  • Use palm sand and wire-wheel technology to remove any other paint that might be lying on the structure.
  • Change all the screws properly and sand it before installing new ones.
  • Clean the site properly because you don’t want to paint with all that dirt and grime

Painting Your Enclosure

Paint Your Pool Cages

This is the 2nd stage of your Sarasota Pool Cage Painting And Repair process. This is an important step where you would require the best painting skills.

  • Wrap up the entire pool area with felt papers and cover the surrounding areas with a tarp. You can also use washed drop clothes for the process.
  • Paper all the exterior walls to protect the cage from overpainting
  • Set up your ladder and begin the painting process
  • Apply two coats of brand paints over the entire structure. Don’t use local products unless they have been verified for use. You might need to use three coats if the surface is not evenly painted.
  • Inspect the entire enclosure after applying the paint
  • Clean up the entire job site and look out for loose bolts and painting scraps

Screening Your Pools

You need to screen for a better Sarasota Pool Cage Painting And Repair.

  • Use qualified screens supplied by reliable contractors for the process.
  • This is not a DIY job because it can lead to safety issues.
  • Inspect the cables and install the best quality spline
  • Check for any loose ends and give a walkthrough around the site.

Reasons to Consider a Pool Repainting and Repair

Rusting of the Pool cage

Pool enclosure colors come in white or bronze. Pool enclosures age over time due to exposure to hazardous elements. The bolts also oxidize frequently due to the same reasons. Painting a pool closure protects you from health and safety hazards.

Consider the age of the Cage

You might have installed the pool cage some 20 years back and haven’t considered repairing it. Pool enclosures ideally last for 10 years and require repainting or repair after that. Consider hiring an expert for Sarasota Pool Cage Painting And Repair. Experienced contractors have the knowledge and skills to deal with any painting project. It will not only protect your investment but make it look appealing too.

Consider the Cost

Consider the Cost

The last thing we should consider the repair cost of your pool cage. If you leave the repair job for long, it might pinch your pocket in the long run. Pool enclosure painting doesn’t take much time, and the job usually takes around 2 weeks. Moreover, it costs much less for painting your pool cage.

Types of Screen Enclosures

There are several screen enclosures you can consider during Sarasota Pool Cage Painting And Repair. Let’s look at some of the types:

  • SuperScreen – These are mostly used for large porch screens and is the most durable type
  • Aluminum Screens – Most commonly used as window screens. It can be used indoors, on porches, decks, and patios.
  • Pet Screens – As the name suggests, it is used for guarding against pet claws.
  • Solar Screen – This is now slowly becoming the most popular type of screen and is super-efficient for blocking sun rays

Always hire a reliable Sarasota Pool Cage Painting And Repair contractor for a repainting job. They have the specialists to paint your screen without breaking your bank. Pool enclosures protect your investment, and so you always use certified paints and screens.