Microsoft MS-300 Exam: Details, Objectives, Prerequisites, Registration, Preparation with Practice Tests

In an effort to ensure that it remains the leading provider of IT products and technologies, Microsoftreleased a new set of role-based certifications and exams in early 2019. These new credentials and tests help validate that you can be able tokeep pace with modern-day technical requirements and roles. In addition, they also show that you have an in-depth understanding of each particular technology and prove your skills. In this article, we will be focusing on the MicrosoftMS-300 exam, which is one of the Microsoft 365 certification tests that were released at the beginning of 2019 download here .

Microsoft MS-300:Exam Details

Microsoft MS-300 Exam Details

If you are planning to taketheMicrosoft MS-300 exam, you need toadequately prepare for it as you can obtainthe Microsoft 365 Certified: Teamwork Administrator Associate certification and get the Microsoft 365 Teamwork Administrator role. According to Microsoft, passing thistest means that you will be able to effectively perform the following tasks:

  • Manage services, apps, and supporting infrastructures so as to meet business requirements in the modern environment;
  • Deploy, manage, and configure Office 365 and Azure workloads, which focus on efficientcollaboration and adoption;
  • Deploy, secure, manage, and migrate SharePoint (on-premise, online, and hybrid), Teams and OneDrive;
  • Collaborate with a security administrator, a voice administrator, and a messaging administrator to ensure that each area has been properly configured according to the business needs;
  • Make informed decisions concerning governance.

Microsoft MS-300: Exam Objectives

We have already highlighted what you need to have and know if you want to take the Microsoft MS-300 exam. Now, let’s go into each section of the test and break down each topic for your easy understanding of what they entail.
Microsoft MS-300 Exam Objectives

  • Configuration and management of SharePoint Online

This is the first subject of the exam and it deals with many other specific areas and concepts. It basically deals with panning and configuring hub sites and site collections, planning and configuring apps and customizations, managed metadata, and guest access, managing SharePoint Online and search, and maintaining and monitoring the SharePoint Online service.The content included in the test from this topic area constitutes about 35-40% of the entire exam. This means that the candidates must have a thorough knowledge of configuring and managing SharePoint Online in order to pass Microsoft MS-300.

  • Configuration and management ofOneDrive for Business

This is the second knowledge domain that is given considerable prominence in the Microsoft MS-300 exam. The skills tested under this topic include the configuration and effective management of OneDrive for Business. You also need to know how to manage users and groups, security and sharing, sync security, and maintain and monitor the OneDrive service. This subject covers about 20-30% of the exam content.

  • Configuration and management of Microsoft Teams

This topic area will be testing your skills to effectively configure and manage Microsoft Teams in line with the business needs. The questions aligned to this exam objective are designed to evaluate your knowledge of planning and configuring Teams settings, planning identity and authentications for Teams, managing the Teams environment, and monitoring and maintaining the Teams service. The content included from this topic represents about 20-25% of the whole exam content. Without having a thorough knowledge of configuring and managing Microsoft Teams, you will definitely not be able to tackle at least 20% of the questions.

  • Configuration and management of workload integrations

This is the last topic of theMicrosoft MS-300 test. It deals with a wide range of concepts that are mainly about how to configure and effectively manage workload integration. The questions under this topic evaluate the candidate’s skills inthe integration of M365 workloads, management of Yammer capabilities and Stream capabilities, and integration of M365 workloads with external systems and data.Thisobjective represents approximately 15-20% of the total content in the exam.

From the topics highlighted above, you may have noticed that you will need to be awareof OneDrive for Business, Yammer, Teams, SharePoint Online, Groups and Stream, among many other things. Otherwise, passing the Microsoft MS-300 exam will be very difficult, if not impossible. Exam-Labs has a plethora of resources, a guide to each of these topics, and more. So if you are planning to take this certificationtest, you are encouraged to check these exam objectives out. There are also practice questions, video tutorials, and simplified notes on each of them. Navigate through the site so that you can benefit from what is available for thelearners. In addition, Microsoft also has several training courses and some great study materials to help you prepare for this test. You can access these tools by enrolling with Microsoft so that you can be able to see what it has provided on the website.

Microsoft MS-300: Prerequisites

According to Microsoft, the individuals considering attempting the MS-300 exam should be those who already have a good comprehension of the following things:

  • Understanding of Azure Active Directory, SQL Server management concepts, Windows server administration, PowerShell, DNS, networking, alternative operating systems, and active Directory mobile device management;
  • Understanding of how to go about integrating third-party services and apps, including line-of-business applications;
  • Understanding of integration points for Office, Microsoft Graphs, PowerApps, Planner, Stream, and Project.

Microsoft MS-300: Registration

Microsoft MS-300 Registration
The MS-300 exam is available for scheduling through Pearson VUE. It can be scheduled to take an onlineversion or one at a registered test center. The candidates are required to pay the exam fee of $165 in order to be allowed to take this test. Microsoft MS-300 is offered in English and other languages, including Korean, Portuguese, German, and French.


We believe that this information will help you in your dream to clear the Microsoft MS-300 exam and obtain the certification. We also hope that you find preparation materials, courses, and information made available to you by Microsoft and Exam-Labs helpful. Best of luck!