Linen Hire Sydney: Benefits of Using it for Your Airbnb Investment

This is where third-party linen hire services come in to help you solve this particular problem. Here are the benefits of enlisting their help for your Airbnb investment:

It’s a different world for travellers and property owners. Airbnb management has opened up opportunities for the everyday person to earn extra income by renting out spare rooms in their apartment to backpackers and the like. If you have a rest house with a scenic view of the beach or mountains, you can also lease that temporarily to a family on vacation.

Working with Airbnb property management services can definitely help boost your short-term rental income. However, one challenge with this sideline is that you might get stumped when doing the laundry for the bedding, blankets, and towels, which have to be replaced after every client.

This is where third-party linen hire services come in to help you solve this particular problem. Here are the benefits of enlisting their help for your Airbnb investment:

1. Save Money

Save Money

Chances are, your Airbnb investment is a source of extra income for you rather than your primary job. This implies that you have other maintenance fees to keep up with and cannot invest your financial resources wholly on this single outlet.

Professional linen hire services take laundry out of the equation as you will be essentially renting your bedsheets, blankets, towels, and the like. Moreover, the service would take care of the cleaning, maintenance, and delivery of the linen themselves. They have invested a substantial amount in commercial-grade washing machines and dryers that can save energy, water, and labor so that you won’t have to. You can include the cost of this service to the calculation of each night’s stay to lessen the expense.

2. Allot Time to More Crucial Operations

Hiring the services of companies like Excellent Laundry can free you up from worrying about cleaning your bedding, comforters, pillowcases, blankets, towels, face cloths, and bath mats, among others. They’ll have these items ready before your next guests arrive in exchange for a reasonable price. By outsourcing this process, you give yourself more time to focus on replying to inquiries about the availability of your room or house.

3. Build Your Reputation

Build Your Reputation
The cleanliness of a rental room or home is one of the most influential factors that can affect whether the guest will be booking your Airbnb investment in the future or not. You must make sure that your place is spotless, including your linen items. This increases the coziness of the room and can earn your client’s respect.

Aside from having a tidy place for your guests, these are the things you can do to make your Airbnb investment work for you:

  • Know the Law – If you’re thinking about renting out a room in the apartment that you’re also leasing, the proper procedure will entail telling your landlord about your plans. Check your contract if you’re allowed to sublet a portion of your place to keep it legal.
  • Make Your Listing Enticing – To get more bookings, you may want to include breakfast, a free walking tour around your neighborhood, or a discount for more extended stays to attract a lot of guests.
  • Give Clear House Rules – Be transparent about the things that guests can or can’t do while staying in your room. Both of you should be comfortable with the situation, especially if you’re going to be home as well. Also, don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself when they cross the line.
  • Minimum Stays May Work – As mentioned above, you will need to replace the sheets and blankets after every guest, which may not be as prudent if they only stay for one night. To prevent profit losses, you have the option to approve bookings that are at least two nights or more.
  • Keep All Transactions In-App – It can be tempting to cut the middleman and coordinate with the guests directly instead of on the platform to get the entire price without deductions. However, Airbnb does have security measures in place to ensure that you are protected as their host, so it’s best to keep all payments and communication within their app.

4. Go Green Without Worry

Go Green Without Worry
You can choose linen hire services that use environmentally friendly products and equipment that don’t release toxic chemicals into the air or water. This way, you can sleep peacefully knowing that you’re not contributing to the destruction of the earth and with the fact that your guests can enjoy clean sheets when they arrive for their booking.


Enlisting the help of a third-party linen hire service provider can help you maximize the profit of your Airbnb investment. You save money because you don’t have to buy commercial-grade washing machines and dryers for heavy linen items such as bedding, comforters, and blankets. Moreover, you get to spend your time wisely by answering inquiries about the availability of your rooms.