How to Give Your Home a Makeover

It must get rather boring to always stay in the same environment 24-hours a day. The quarantine has spread a lot of negativity and dullness among everyone and it is about time to bring back some positivity to your life. A new makeover for your home is the perfect thing for that. A new environment will enlighten your mood along with giving your home a new exciting look.

Rethink the Walls

The walls in your room and around your house might get boring to look at from time to time. With some refreshing colours, they’ll get fairly amazing and keep you in a lively mood. You can even adorn the empty walls by hanging beautiful pictures and paintings according to your preference.

Home a Makeover

Get the Right Furniture

Instead of going for something that’s too fashionable or too cheap, choose the type of furniture that suits your room environment. Furniture is something that you’ll be using for a long time and cheap items are more likely to wear out quicker than the standard ones. Also, something too glamourous might look good at first but if it doesn’t go with the theme of the room, then that’ll be just a waste of valuable money. Get furniture that is simple and classy; these go well in almost every room. Tall furniture will give your room the illusion of height.

Keep it clean

One of the best ways to give your home an elegant look is to keep it clean, fresh and uncluttered. It is not only a healthy habit to always keep your home clean, but it will also make your home look sophisticated and spacious. With regular dusting and vacuuming, you can keep your house dust-free. Cleaning your furniture and accessories regularly will prevent them to get old too easily and will keep them in pristine condition. A well-polished home is always bright and welcoming to the guests.


It’s a difficult choice to decide between carpets, hardwood and tiles for the floor. While carpets are cheap and easy to afford, they are relatively harder to clean and they get dirty too easily. In the long run, smooth hardwood is the better choice for your living room floor. Hardwood gives your room an aesthetic appeal and adds value to your home.

Use different designer tiles for your bathroom floors and wall, it will give your bathroom an expensive look and feel. Check out various designs of tiles from Tiles Supplier UK and find the design that suits your need.

Use carpets for places need that tend to get wet from time to time or needs sound controlling.

Home a Makeover1

Decorate the Windows

A well-decorated window gives off a friendly and welcoming vibe, whereas an empty window gives off a gloomy and hollow vibe. Add some beautiful curtains or shutters to the window. It will bring some privacy to your life along with beauty. Add some greens to the window side to bring some freshness to the room and brighten up the room more.

Light it up

The type, position and colour of the lights you use in your room effects a lot to its overall environment. Opting out for the right type of light will instantly elevate your home’s atmosphere. Use bright designer lamps, scones or light wires to brighten up all the corners of your room. Dark rooms feel gloomy and depressing. Use lights in your shelves to make them look more amazing. You can even get a chandelier if it fits your budget.

If your home looks dull and gloomy, then it will bring heaviness to your life too. Your mood often depends on the surrounding that you live in. So, use the time you have on your hand to give your home a refreshing new makeover.