How to Choose Your First Portable Handheld Carpet Cleaner

If you are a housewife, then most of your house cleaning time is far more as compared to other chores and errands around your home. Most importantly, if you have kids then keeping the house clean becomes even more difficult. Fortunately, with modern technology, you get a wide range of vacuum cleaners. These vacuum cleaners not only help you to clean your floors but also other areas that need cleaning. Moreover, the traditional vacuum cleaners are big and bulky that might be difficult to use in some areas. A solution to this answer is portable handheld vacuum cleaners. In other words, you can say that it is the smaller version of the traditional bulky vacuum. It is compact, portable and easy to manage.

Features that need proper consideration

Small size

Small size

The handheld vacuum cleaners are smaller in size. Most of the handheld models are half of the size of the regular models and also weigh really less. As these vacuum cleaners are compact so it is easy to carry them and clean. You can also keep them in small closets, room cabinets, shelves, and other smaller spaces. On the other hand, bulky models have a difficult time during storage.


Most of the handheld vacuum cleaners weigh around 5 pounds. This means that these are easy to carry and really handy while you are cleaning. One of the common downsides of the regular vacuum cleaners is that it becomes really difficult for you to carry upstairs. With the handheld options, you would not face this problem. This also comes handy for elderly people.

A battery indicator

Some handheld vacuum cleaners may not have a battery indicator. This can become really annoying as you might get caught up in the middle of cleaning. And you do not know how much battery life you are left with. It might add frustration as your vacuum cleaner runs out of battery and dies in the middle of cleaning. So the presence of a battery indicator is a really important factor in your handheld vacuum cleaner.

How well the vacuum cleaner cleans?

Many vacuum cleaners are able to clean both the wet as well as the dry mess and debris. This means that the suction of the cleaner is such that it has the power to deal with both solids and liquids as well. So if you are planning to opt for a handheld vacuum cleaner, make sure you are getting a model with higher voltage. This would allow you to get more suction power.

Presence of a cord

Presence of a cord

When a vacuum cleaner has a cord then it does not need charging. However, it needs to be plugged in an electric socket all the time. This cord reduces the portability of the vacuum cleaner. Now if you get your hands on a cordless unit. This would allow you to carry it anywhere. However, now you would have to consider the battery timing of your vacuum cleaner. It is also suggested to check whether your battery is replaceable or not. This would allow you to replace the battery if it becomes useless.

Dirt capacity

As the handheld vacuum cleaners have a smaller size then it is important to consider how much dirt capacity it has. Moreover, you also have to consider how much cleaning you need against which the dirt the container can hold.

Run time of the vacuum cleaner

If you opt for a cordless unit then you need to consider the time length for which the unit can run before it needs recharging. You would not want to get stuck with a lifeless vacuum cleaner in the middle of the cleaning chore. Usually, the handheld vacuum cleaners operate for 10 to 30 minutes in one recharge.

Recharging time

The time the handheld vacuum cleaner takes to charge fully is an important factor. It is an important consideration if you need to use the unit constantly. You also should consider the battery type. As some batteries might last longer and would need a short time to recharge.

These batteries would prove to be more efficient. This would help you clean comfortably without any trouble.


Some handheld vacuum cleaners feature a hose. This makes it easy for you to reach areas such as shelves and cabinets. However, the unit that has hose may be bulky compared to the unit that lacks hose.