DIY Projects for the Garden That’ll Add Value to Your Home

Below, we’ve put together some ideas as to how you can get started.

Whether you’re looking to sell your home or just want to make sure the work you are doing will have a positive impact on its value, there are plenty of ways you can increase the price of your property.

And while doing loft conversions, installing new kitchens and building conservatories are all great changes to make – don’t forget your outdoor space too. In fact, think of this like another room in your home. People love to spend time outdoors and if they can see an inviting, easy-to-look-after space, this will add some value to your home.

Below, we’ve put together some ideas as to how you can get started.

But before you jump straight in, make sure you’ve visited places like RS to get all the right tools for the job – this won’t just make sure your jobs are done to a high quality but thatthey’ll be easier to do, too!

Build a Shed

A recent study found that the garden feature that will give you most value for your money is a shed. Of those surveyed, 82% of property professionals believe that a house’s value can be boosted by having a decent-sized shed.

Make Sure You’ve Got a Good-Quality Patio

76% said that high-quality paving or a patio was a must-have in the garden, which was also followed by secure gates, walls and/or fencing (72%).

What won’t add value?

Lawns or artificial grass – only 40% believed this as a crucial asset when it came to selling your home.

So with more and more of us spending time in our garden, whether we’re enjoying playtime with the kids or dining al fresco with friends, it’s clear putting some effort into your garden is key to selling your home in the future.

That said, experts suggest you should focus on a variety of factors, rather than just introducing one of the aforementioned features, e.g. a shed.

So how do you achieve the perfect balance when you’re renovating your garden?

Don’t Overdo It

It’s tempting to start adding all sorts of features to your home, especially if your garden hasn’t had much attention over the years. But try not to go overboard, making sure you’re leaving enough scope for potential buyers to make their own mark.

If your garden is cluttered, lavish and there’s no space left to work on, it’s going to make it difficult for new buyers to envision how they’re going to live in this space. Just like yourhome’s interior, they need to be able to picture themselves enjoying the space, so while neutral schemes inside are a must, clean, fresh and uncluttered spaces in the garden are just as important.

Carry out light refurbishments, painting fences, building sheds and creating outdoor seating but don’t go too mad spending lots of money on your garden because this won’t be cost-effective. Most property buyers will be looking for secure areas (so sturdy fences are a must) and additional outdoor storage (that shed you’re going to build).

Other Ideas

Make sure there’s adequate outdoor lighting, sturdy decking and even water features (e.g. a pond or fountain). Your garden furniture may also create a positive impact so ensure this looks in good condition too.

Finally, make sure your garden looks loved. If it’s unkempt and untidy, it may give the impression that it’s hard to look after and won’t look like an enticing space the buyers can relax and unwind in.