Commercial Trends in Window Cleaning

Maintaining the exterior of buildings is becoming increasingly complicated. Different types of equipment are needed to get the job done quickly and easily. The cleaning industry is undergoing a major shift. In 2021, we will be seeing a lot of new trends as far as commercial window cleaning services are concerned. Before we explore these trends, did you know you can find your perfect window cleaning helper, or fensterreinigung on Helpling?

These four commercial window cleaning trends might help you transform your business in this new year:

1. An Increase in the use of Cleaning Drones


This trend is going to make a huge impact on commercial window cleaning in 2021. Though cleaning drones might not be a new technology, in 2021, widespread adoption and use of cleaning drones are expected. Many companies already use them for cleaning wind turbines and glass-fronted buildings. . It is going to change the way the cleaning gets done.

There are several benefits of using this kind of technology. It makes the process of cleaning much safer for the team since they do not need to precariously hang from the side of large towers. It makes the cleaning process a lot more efficient. The newer models of cleaning drones have a higher range and can be used for a longer period of time. Furthermore, since this sector of commercial cleaning is relatively new, there is great potential for innovation and improvement.

2. Robots for Climbing Buildings

Besides drones, there are other machines that are being used for commercial window cleaning. Robotic cleaners have already been in use for cleaning indoors for a long time. Robots are now being employed for outdoor cleaning jobs, too. They are useful for cleaning areas that are tricky or dangerous to reach. Such machines can be used along with the cleaning team to improve efficiency and the quality of the cleaning service.

Robotic cleaners will prove to be ideal for cleaning drones this year. Since both of them offer benefits related to efficiency and safety, their demand will be driven by the needs of the customers. A major difference between the two is that drones will be required to be piloted manually, while robots can be left on their own to do the job.

3. A new Standard for Management and Mobility Apps

While machines might steal the focus, there is a lot of innovation happening between the scenes that can have a significant impact on the industry. We will be seeing an upgrade in the management of the services through the employment of mobility and management apps. These will help the team members remain connected to each other and give them total transparency regarding the operations. This would help reduce the number of missed tasks or duplicated work. You will be getting a real-time analysis of the team’s productivity, which will help in saving up on some costs and delivering better results.

4. Putting sustainability at the forefront

Whatever the strategy adopted for the cleaning operations, it should be driven by a need to be sustainable. Sustainability is an important issue that is relevant to all sectors of the industry. Companies around the world are striving towards the development of processes and products that are more environmentally friendly. This effort is expected to increase exponentially over the coming year.

To become truly sustainable, companies need to look beyond the chemicals used for cleaning windows. Sustainability should not be limited to green cleaning methods. It should be the motive behind every link in the chain of supply. There is a gradual rise in awareness among customers who are now asking for green credentials from the companies. Such certifications are going to be more of a norm in the coming year.



Companies should be able to adopt these trends to ensure they can provide the most efficient services to their customers.