9 Great Ideas for Landscaping with Pavers

And using pavers instead of poured concrete adds substantial value to your home! Help your yard achieve its full potential, keep reading for our top 9 landscaping ideas with pavers.

Your outdoor living spaces are key to your home’s value. Your outdoor space is an extension of your home. If you aren’t properly utilizing it, you’re wasting valuable living space.

Pavers are a versatile tool for improving your outdoor space. Landscaping with pavers is easy. Many people are even able to do projects themselves! or You can look for the professional like Paver Installer Las Vegas.

And using pavers instead of poured concrete adds substantial value to your home! Help your yard achieve its full potential, keep reading for our top 9 landscaping ideas with pavers.

1. Pave a Walkway

Paved pathways are more visually interesting than a poured concrete walkway. But adding a paved walkway to your yard is more than an aesthetic choice. It’s also a functional decision.

Paved pathways help direct the flow of traffic through your outdoor space. And they highlight different landscaping and entertaining areas in your yard.
Pave a Walkway

Feeling creative? You can combine different paver sizes and styles to create an eclectic garden path. Grow grown cover between your paving stones for an even more whimsical walkway.

2. Improve Your Parking

Is your driveway dated and uninviting? Maybe it’s cracked or weather-stained? It’s time to consider revamping your driveway with a whole new look.

A new drive can add serious value to your home by improving its curb appeal. Pavers are an elegant option to replace a boring asphalt driveway. And pavers withstand the elements better than asphalt.

Most asphalt driveways are good for 12 years, longer with regular upkeep and resealing.
While a brick driveway is more durable. They last at least 25 years, and usually longer! They are easier to maintain. If brick cracks you can easily replace the individual brick. Instead of replacing the entire driveway!

Constantly hosting guests? Calculate the cost to build a parking lot on your front lawn. Now you’ll never run out of parking for parties again!

3. Create a Firepit

Fire pits are an entertaining must-have. Nothing brings people closer together than the warmth of an open fire.

You can buy an expensive fire feature. Or you can take a weekend and build one yourself with garden pavers!

There are tons of plans online for DIY paver firepits. You can make one as simple or complex as you want. The only limit is your imagination!

You’ll want to use firebrick on the interior of the firepit. Firebrick has a special design-build to withstand extreme temperatures. It’s the safest option for your DIY fire pit.

Use pavers to build the exterior after you construct your fire-resistant interior. Small pavers work best for constructing a fire pit, especially if you want to build a circular pit. Small pavers make designing unique shapes much easier.

4. Design a Patio

A patio is a great addition to every yard. And pavers are a great choice for your patio space. They add flair to your yard whether you’re adding a new outdoor space, or revamping old tired concrete slab
Design a Patio
Pavers give you more flexibility in your patio design than poured concrete. You can use them to make custom designs for your patio or courtyard.

Pavers are also a durable option because if one is damaged or broken you can simply replace it with a new paver!

5. Build a Waterfeature

Bring more elements into your outdoor space by adding a DIY water feature. Water features inspire relaxation and creativity. Plus they don’t hurt your home’s resale value.

Natural stone pavers are excellent building material for waterfalls and fountains. There are plenty of DIY pond and waterfall kits you can buy. Or you can do some research a design a custom feature for your space.

6. Borders

Pavers also make excellent garden bed borders. They look lovely. And you can mow your lawn without meandering into your flower bed!

You can also use pavers borders to define spaces in your yard. And they keep materials like loose pebbles and mulch from washing away.

You can use pavers to designate the kids’ to play area. Enclose your swing set or jungle gym area with pavers. Then fill the enclosed area with mulch for a park quality playground in your backyard!

You can use pavers to outline a small sitting area or meditation space filled with loose pebbles. Mix in some eco-friendly, glow-in-the-dark pebbles for a striking look that’s sure to attract attention

7. Unique Aesthetics

Garden pavers can also add purely aesthetic value to your yard.

There are tons of artistic paver design ideas out there. For instance, you can use different colored stones to create a stunning mosaic pathway. Or an intricate pattern for your new patio.

You can also space large, different sized slabs around your yard to create an eye-catching and abstract patio.

If you have a green thumb you can design a stone spiral overflowing with beautiful shrubs. This can be a gorgeous focal point for your garden.

8. Frame Your Pool

Does your pool area need a face-lift? Skip the concrete slabs and opt for a paved pool patio.
Frame Your Pool
Pavers offer you tons of design flexibility and input. You can design a brand new pool deck that matches the overall decor and vibe of your yard.

And they are a durable option for your pool deck. Brick pavers are able to withstand chlorine and salt. So, your new pool deck will last for years to come!

9. Outdoor Bathing Area

There is something very elegant about an outdoor bathing space. Make that whimsical dream a reality! Section off an area of your yard near a usable water line. You may need some professional help to install the shower or tub.

Then you can use pavers to create a beautiful floor for your outdoor oasis. Natural stone or pebbles will look very elegant. And will heighten the natural feel of the space.

Landscaping Ideas with Pavers Improve Your Home

Landscaping with pavers is a quick and easy way to add visual appeal and value to your yard. There are tons of ideas and paving designs for your backyard.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get started on your favorite landscaping ideas with pavers today!