9 Cute and Simple Decorating Ideas for Your Room

What can you do to create a significant impact on your space minus the substantive costs and efforts?

A new home or room signifies new beginnings, don’t you think? It can also mean a decorating project is in order. You probably want to re-create your previous place’s look or take inspiration from a popular picture-sharing site.

You can’t escape the desire to decorate or redecorate to accommodate changes in your life or incorporate style trends. And money or the lack of it can’t stop you either from transforming the room’s look into something easy on the eyes and easy to do too.

What can you do to create a significant impact on your space minus the substantive costs and efforts?

Make Room for Light

Make Room for Light

There’s no better substitute for lighting than natural light. Hang gauzy, lacy, or sheer curtains on your window, and let the soft sunlight flood into your room. You can buy yards of snowy-white fabric and sew it yourself or go thrifting for embroidered and detailed material. This almost-transparent white will look dainty against your blackout curtain.

Use String Lights

Fairy lights exploded in popularity a few years back, but they’ve always been a staple in rooms considered cool in books and movies. Unpack your string of light bulbs, and let it dangle by your bedside and near your window for added illumination. You can also wrap objects with fairy lights. Indeed, drape it around your mirror for that glam pic. There are 19 ways to do so.

Post Your Pictures on Your Wall

We are in the era of photos that go straight to social media for posting. How about printing the memorable ones from your trip or those featuring your family members and pets? Put them on your wall, along with postcards and greeting cards you received, with fairy lights that seem to string these mementos together.

If pictures look too cluttered for you, framing one or two of your favorite art prints will do. Now, that’s a wall.

Breathe Life into Your Room with Plants

Breathe Life into Your Room with Plants
Tiny sprouts on your windowsill or a leafy canopy on your floor instantly enliven your place. Space is never a problem with houseplants that also serve as accents with their pots or containers of attractive colors and designs. Your aim is to research indoor plants that will thrive in your locale and at your room temperature.

Create Your Work Nook

Free up a corner in your room for your workstation. With a plant, a glass holder for fluffy pens, and a pile of coffee books, you have transformed an ordinary table into an appealing workspace. Round up the functionality with a framed photo, a lampshade, a notepad, and a quirky paperweight.

Go for Permanent Blooms

You can never say no to waking up to a bunch of freshly cut flowers, but it’s only a matter of time before they wilt, and you have to replace them. Why not make roses, daisies, lilies, and azaleas from paper?

Origami flowers are colorful and calming to do. You can plaster cherry or peach blossoms on your wall, or put the long-stemmed tulips in a glass by your bedside.

Add a Sweet Scent to Your Room

Those diffusers don’t just look pretty; they send you to a world where stress is light-years away. Take your pick among jasmine, sandalwood, and vanilla for your room fragrance. Some diffusers combine color therapy with aromatherapy for optimal effect on your well-being. You can also brew your fragrant concoction or take to candles for mood.

Let Your Pillows and Sheets Talk

Let Your Pillows and Sheets Talk
Sometimes, you only need to look at your bed to invite you to sleep. Get your decorative pillows lined up against white sheets. If the white sheets look too pure and easy to stain, try a colored quilt or patchwork for an explosion of texture and pattern. You can also look into colored down comforters.

Create a Shrine for the Kawaii

Sure, you don’t want to dirty your precious plushies from Japan, which are in the Doki Doki box you’ve subscribed to the past months. Why not showcase your adorable collection, together with your action figures, robots, comic books, games, and DVDs and organize them in a cabinet with glass casing?

You will always need cuteness to ward off everyday stress, and it’s apparent who is your favorite character on your tumbler, your lunchbox, or even your socks. Indeed, the beautiful things that you only dream of buying in Japan are now readily accessible and shipped in a subscription box that contains a month’s supply of warm fuzzies.

Decorating Your Room for the Better

If you have a small room, you can look at it as a boon because you are more mindful of clutter and not crowding the place with unnecessary furniture.

Instead of striving for a straight-from-a-magazine space, decorate your room such that it is homey and comfortable, containing your life’s essentials, especially those endearing things that cause your heart to flutter and sing.

What’s the loveliest thing you’ve done for your room? Share your stories in the comments section.