15 Fun Accessories to Cozy Up and Winterize Your Home

Coziness isn’t just a fun thing to enjoy during the cold months of the year. In some parts of the world, it’s an entire culture (see: hygge, the Danish obsession with all things cozy). And we are SO here for it. The truth is that so many of us positively dread the winter. The lack of sunshine, and, in turn, the lack of vitamin D, leaves us feeling zapped of energy, motivation, and joy, but slowing down and settling into a sweet state of functional hibernation can really help. Here are some amazing ways to color your casa in cozy so you feel great about the cold.

  • Soft, fleece blankets. A cozy blanket is the No.1 most important wintertime home accessory. Whether you use it to wrap yourself up like a happy little burrito or to drape over the sofa to create plush layers, a fuzzy blanket is the cold-weather MVP you need to thrive when it’s sub-zero out.
  • A super-soft, high-pile rug. No more thin, floppy area rugs, please! It’s winter, which means it’s time to pile on the pile. Go for a plush, shag style that feels amazing underfoot. You want something so cozy that you can lie on the floor and watch movies if you so desire.
  • Live evergreen garland. In our opinion, evergreen home accents—including wreaths, garlands, and centerpieces—should hang out long past Christmas—even into spring. This stuff brings such a delightful, woody scent to your home!
  • Handcrafted, ceramic mugs. Okay, this one’s a two-parter. Not only do you need some sweet and sentimental handcrafted mugs, but you also need a few great recipes for what to drink out of them. May we recommend tossing in this hot drinks cookbook to keep you inspired?
  • A cute tray for serving hot drinks. You’ve got the mugs. You’ve got the recipes. Now you need a cute little tray to serve hot drinks (and snacks!) to those cozied up on the couch or in bed.
  • Soft glowing lamps. Winter brings some of the shortest days of the year, which means very minimal natural light throughout your home. Add in some desk and floor lamps in a warm color temperature (if using LEDs, choose bulbs with a color temp somewhere around 2,500 to 3,000 Kelvins) to emulate natural sunlight and brighten up your space.
  • An electric kettle. As much as we love the old-school ceramic tea kettles, nothing compares to the convenience of a plug-in style. These are amazing because they let you warm up hot H2O in an instant, all without having to fire up the stove. That means hot cocoa, fresh tea, and pour-overs on demand!
  • A humidifier. No matter how warm it is inside, that harsh, winter air can wreak havoc on your skin. Keep everything nice and hydrated by running your dehumidifier while you sleep. Not only will it keep your skin looking moisturized, bright, and plump, but it will also prevent your eyes and sinuses from drying out in the face of the cold, dry winter air.
  • Some indulgent body lotion. Winter is the best time of year to settle into a luxurious self-care routine, complete with great-smelling body creams and lotions that help soothe away the dry, cracked skin that comes with winter. If you feel like treating yourself, take a long bath with a luxurious bath bomb.
  • Comfy floor cushions. Over-stuffed floor cushions are some of the most underrated home accessories ever! They turn a limited living room into a giant chill space where every nook feels cozy. Stack them up in the corner of the room and then break them out when you want to lie on the floor to watch a movie or when you’re having company.

The key to creating a cozy space from floor to ceiling is to choose all things soft and plush. We’re talkin’ down (or alternative down), cashmere, and plenty of wool! With these soul-warming home accents, you’ll get so cozy you may even enjoy winter this year. Taking the time to fill your space with things that make you feel warm, cozy, and at complete peace is just what you need to fight off those stubborn winter blues. Happy hibernating!