11 Clever Ways to Convert Your Loft into a Dreamy Teenage Den

Oh, the teenage years! The start of puberty and incessant moodiness. If you have a pre-teen or teenage children, you must be familiar with the constant demand for being left alone. And it’s not a baseless request. Did you know giving teenagers privacy is essential for their development? It helps them become responsible, mature and independent.

A loft or an attic is perfect for a teenage den where your children can have some ‘me time’. Here are some ways to create a fun and creative space for your children:



Usually, lofts end up being storage spaces filled with all the clutter you have accumulated over the years. Start by decluttering and getting rid of as much stuff as you can. Lofts are usually hot and stuffy because all the hot air from the entire house conducts upwards. Having too many things will just make it unbearable, especially during the summer.

Let there be light

No one would want to spend time in a dark, dingy room. Fashioning roof windows is an excellent way to allow natural light. It will make the space airy and inviting. You can also wrap fairy lights around exposed beams to add rustic charm.

The specialists at Bath and Bristol Loft Conversions offer clever window designs for all kinds of lofts.

Cosy elements

Play with different textures and patterns to make the room cosy. Incorporate layers of fuzzy rugs, sheer curtains, throw pillows to add warmth.

Lighting is another important element for setting a comfortable ambience. Use a combination of recessed and normal lighting fixtures to create dimension.

Make it vibrant

Make it vibrant
Teenagers are always aspiring to be ‘edgy and cool’ as opposed to being ‘basic’. So give them what they want and go ham with the colour theme. Was the purple wall paint too much for your living room? Well, now you can use it for the loft. No bold colours or vibrant wallpapers are off-limits.

Install a fireplace

If your loft is freezing cold, installing a fireplace is a great idea. Instead of a traditional fireplace, consider an electric fireplace that’s safer, easier to use and compact.

Other than that, consult an expert to get your loft properly insulated. It will reduce energy loss and save energy bills.

Incorporate a hangout spot

Are you tired of coming home to your kids and their friends raising hell in the family living room? Create a hangout spot where you teenagers and their friends can hang out. Invest in multifunctional furniture such as a sofa-cum-bed and a foldable table, which are perfect for small spaces.

Study area

Study area
A separate room should encourage productivity and focus. Fun and games are great, but the loft also needs to be an area where your kids can study and work. Instead of doing their homework on the kitchen counter, your kids will feel much more productive in a designated study area. Also, get an ergonomic chair for good posture.

Think of a feature wall

Every teenager goes through the phase of putting up posters of their favourite artists. For this purpose, you can put up a massive bulletin board.
Another great and affordable idea is a chalkboard wall. Chalkboard wall paint is available in a variety of colours apart from black.

Creative corner

Children should feel free to express themselves. To get the creative juices flowing, build a creative corner. Whether your child is into crafts or boxing, put their hobbies on display for inspiration.

Ample storage

Having a teenager is synonymous with a messy room. So make sure you equip the room with ample closed storage. You can also invest in box-beds for additional storage.

Add a bathroom

Add a bathroom
If your teenagers don’t enjoy sharing a bathroom, then consider constructing an adjoining bathroom. It will also come in handy when you have guests staying over.

We hope these suggestions help you build the teenage den of dreams. Good luck!