10 Space Saving Ideas for Small Apartments

When you use storage solutions that are fun, stylish, and practical, you’ll actually enjoy tidying up. Ready to get started?

When you viewed your apartment, you relished in the space. The empty floors, the possibilities. But then you moved in. And now the floorspace has disappeared along with your ability to not step on something every time you go to the kitchen.

Many of us are living in small apartments and yet we own more stuff than ever. Cutting down on what we buy is only half the story. If we live in tiny homes, we need space saving ideas for our belongings.
Since having a clean and tidy home can reduce stress and make us happier, we’ve put together this awesome list of clever storage ideas for small spaces. Soon your apartment will be more spacious than you thought possible.

When you use storage solutions that are fun, stylish, and practical, you’ll actually enjoy tidying up. Ready to get started?

1. Collapsible Table

In a small apartment, floor space is the most important factor in feeling like you have more room. But with tables and chairs, that floorspace is wiped out.

A collapsible table is an ideal solution as you can use it when you need it and keep it folded away the rest of the day. You might think it would take effort to fold and unfold a table, but many modern designs are lightning-fast and lightweight.
Collapsible Table

Store your collapsed table up against a wall or invest in a version that clips onto the wall. You can also get tables that bolt onto walls and attach them via a hinge to the bottom end. Simply unclip the top, pull down the two legs and you have a table.

Hello, floor space!

2. Foldaway Chairs

So your table’s folded away when you’re not eating but what about those chairs? You don’t want your living room to look like it’s ready for a group talk session. The solution is simple. Get folding chairs.

Just like garden chairs, you can now buy beautiful folding dining chairs that you collapse when not in use. Stacking them against the wall can take up a room if you’ve got four but there’s a better way. Simply bolt strong hooks to the wall and hang your folding chairs.

3. Under-Bed Storage

Let’s face it, your double bed takes up a lot of room. Maybe you even have a king-size bed. That’s a lot of space that could be used for storage.

Under-bed storage is the perfect solution for all those things you don’t use very often. If you can access the floor under your bed easily, check out the Toyogo products. The range of storage boxes is huge so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect-sized boxes for under your bed.

You can also get a bed that lifts up so the storage space beneath is hidden from view. This solution keeps your bedroom looking neat and tidy but has tons of storage stowed away.

4. Walls as Storage

It’s easy to forget how big even a small apartment is when you start considering the walls. We’ve already talked about hanging chairs and a table from the walls, but what else can you do?

If you don’t have bike storage outside, bolting just a couple of sturdy hooks from your wall in the hallway or the living room provides a perfect spot to hang your bike from. It looks cool and you simply lift it off when you’ve got somewhere to be.

Hats are another great item to hang on small hooks and can turn a boring wall into a creative statement.

5. Increase Your Shelving

From beautiful wooden shelves to invisible book shelving, this is the ultimate way to clear floor space and use all that height. Floating shelves are perfect for small apartments as you can place them wherever you like and they always look stylish.
Increase Your Shelving
Stack books, ornaments, lamps, and even speakers on floating shelves and you’ll never have to buy a freestanding bookshelf ever again.

6. Clever Spice Racks

How many times have you bought herbs and spices you’ve already got because they’re languishing at the back of a cupboard? By using a cupboard door-mounted spice rack, they’re all lined up for you to see and grab easily.

You can also buy wall-mounted spice racks for your kitchen but remember that sunlight breaks down the flavor. Wherever you keep your spice rack, try to do it in a dark place.

7. Door Hanging Storage

The backs of doors are underused spaces that can store so many items. Hanging shoe storage is perfect for the back of closet doors and keeps shoes from piling up on the floor.

For the back of your bathroom door, a hanging storage rack is ideal for all those toiletries cluttering up the sink and shelf. Get a transparent plastic version so you can see where everything is without having to go hunting around.

Got an underwear drawer overflowing? Door hanging pockets is one of the small bedroom storage ideas that are cheap and easy. Tuck socks, tights, and underwear in the pockets and free up drawer and closet space.

8. Jewelry Corkboard

Tangled jewelry is a nightmare and necklaces get themselves lost with amazing frequency. Frame a corkboard instead and hang your necklaces and bracelets from pins.

Not only does this keep them tangle-free, but it also makes for a pretty wall decoration too.

9. Hanging Plant Storage

Indoor plants have surprising health benefits but they can take up a lot of space. Opt for indoor hanging planters that support small plants and give a relaxing, green vibe to your apartment.

Go for trailing plants to get a really beautiful greenhouse look. Make sure they have adequate drainage or pots that don’t leak, depending on the plant.

10. Scarf and Belt Rails

Scarf and Belt Rails
Shelves might be stacked with books but what about underneath? By screwing rails to the undersides of your shelves, you can hang scarves and belts beneath. This gives a modern and stylish look and keeps them from hiding away at the back of your sock drawer.

Space Saving Ideas to Transform Your Home

Small apartments don’t have to be cluttered and you don’t have to commit a day a week to tidying. By using these space-saving ideas, your storage solutions can become a part of your interior design and look wonderful by themselves.

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