Top Three Carpet Cleaning Companies in Singapore

Let’s be honest. Sometimes you love your carpet. It is soft, furry, and keeps your feet warm. It matches with your seats and upholstery. Sometimes you also hate your carpet. Gum and food particles get stuck in it. It gets dusty fast, and it is so hard to clean! What do you do? Do you wrap it up in a bundle and burn it? These are some of the challenges carpet owners in Singapore face. We always want to pamper our feet with the softness of the fur. Carpets are so comfortable, yet they get so dirty so quickly. How do we keep them clean? More importantly, who will clean them up for us?

If you are too lazy or too busy to clean your carpet, don’t worry. We’ll help you. We are going to tell you about three of the best carpet cleaning companies in Singapore. These companies specialize in cleaning carpets and upholstery using the best, safest, and most advanced method available in the world today. It does not matter the size of your carpet or how unique your needs are. These three companies will offer you the best return for your money. They all have a well-trained workforce whose only task is to ensure that your carpet is cleaned in the best way possible. They use state-of-the-art equipment and machines that wash your carpet effectively. This machinery is gentle to the fabric of your carpets and does not rip or damage them.

1.Singapore Carpet Cleaning Pte. Ltd.

Singapore Carpet Cleaning, Ltd. comes as a highly recommended cleaning company. Their services are not limited to carpet cleaning only. They also offer upholstery and curtain cleaning with pick-up and delivery services. Singapore Carpet Cleaning company has been in business for over 15 years. Their level of experience is almost unrivaled. The company’s main objective is to offer carpet cleaning services of the highest standard. They also value their customers and aim to exceed their expectations.

They do this quite successfully by ensuring their staff members are well trained to use high-grade equipment to deliver their cleaning services. Singapore Carpet Cleaning Pte. Ltd. is always available on call 24 hours of the day to answer your questions and attend to your needs promptly.

Some of their top clients include:

  • Ngee Ann Polytechnic
  • Delta Airlines
  • Samsung
  • Manulife and Boeing.

2. @bsolute Solutions

@bsolute Solutions is an all-in-one Cleaning service provider. They are a reputable cleaning company who take pride in their work while offering the most competitive prices in the market. They offer dry cleaning, carpet, and curtain cleaning with options for pick-up and delivery. They also offer spring cleaning and part-time maids to serve your unique cleaning requests. You can combine several cleaning services and have them done at once. The most striking feature about Absolute Solutions is their warranty on all services. If you did not like how your cleaning was done, Absolute solutions will reschedule an appointment and redo the service to your satisfaction. Their customer care services are also available 24 hours a day. They will address your emergency carpet disasters and send you professional cleaners. You can also set up cleaning appointments with them through this service.

3. E Home Services

E Home Services is another professional carpet cleaning company that offers tailored carpet cleaning services to their clients. Their cleaning services are available at all times and can be used as often as you like. Like many cleaning services, they offer an array of cleaning services under one roof. Some of the services they offer include:

  • Air-con Cleaning services
  • Laundry dry cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Part-time maid services
  • Custom cleaning services
  • Interior design and renovation
  • Moving services

E Home Service focus on delivering effective and efficient cleaning services to their clients. Before cleaning your house, E Home Services will send a professional to your house to assess it. This professional will also listen to your needs and give you advice on the best approach to take and what services to use. E Home Services does this to ensure that you are satisfied by their service as a customer. They pride themselves on offering high-quality service in the shortest period.

Any of these companies will give you the best cleaning solutions for your carpet. Size doesn’t matter. It also doesn’t matter whether you are a corporate organization or a private homeowner looking for cleaning services. These companies will do it all for you.