Top Garden Trends For 2020

Each year, Aussies look for new ways to improvetheir gardens. With 2020 just a few days away, here are some trends that are set to be a hit in garden designs.

Vertical Gardening

This type of gardening requires small space, so it is convenient for tenants and owners of a small home. With vertical gardening,you can hang potted plants, grow flowers in vases attached to the wall, and prune your bushes so that they grow upright. If you live in a small apartment and love plants, then try vertical gardening in the coming year.

Garden Sheds

As from next year, having a garden shed will be a necessity for all homeowners. These structures are particularly useful for storing gardening equipment. They can also serve as an additional living space when you decorate them correctly.

AdoptingTechnology for Grow Houseplants

Houseplants are continuously getting popular among house owners because they helpimprove the mood in the house. They also add an aesthetic appeal to homes. People are increasingly using technology to ensure that theirhouseplants grow well. For instance, you can now install an app on your smartphone to evaluate if the amount of lighting in your home is sufficient for growing plants. The app will also provide a suggestion on how to improve the light.

Technology can also help in doing actions that usually require human input. For example, busy people who do not have the time to water plants frequently can make use of self-watering pots. Also, there is some equipment for growing edible plants.

Keep It Simple

Some of these plants can be messy, which makes them stressful to maintain as you might be busy most of the time. One of the ways to avoid such situations is by growing plants that require little maintenance. Alternatively, you can reduce the number of plants in your garden, starting with the ones that you feel do not add value to your life. You should also invest in irrigation systems that support automation so that your plants remain healthy when you are away from home.

Making Courtyard Constructions Focal Points

Garden plants may require some structures such as walls, pools, sheds, or equipment boxes. These structures ensure the garden is beautiful. Some of the ways you can use to make the structure outstandingare by using refurbished materials that have a rusty look, getting ideas from surrounding landmarks, and repurposing existing constructions.

After an eventful day, many people like going to a home with an aesthetically appealing and relaxing atmosphere. Such a surrounding also ensures that your home is attractive to third-parties. You can achieve this desirable look by planting flowers that match with your colour scheme, adding plants between pathways, and introducing scented flowers at all entryways.


If you are looking at upgradingyour garden this coming year, the trends mentioned above are an excellent starting point. Keep in mind that they can be adjusted to suit your needs. Also, it is essential to check your budget before you implement these improvements. Nobody wants to incur extra costs that will affect their finances.