Top Five Benefits Of Window Motorization

You may never have considered the idea of having a motorized window or window shades. After all at first glance this can seem a lazy approach and even a waste of electricity. In fact this is not the case.

You may even be surprised to learn that motorized windows and shades are increasing in popularity. Much of this is because of the benefits associated with this motorization:


You need to get good quality motorized windows or blinds; this will ensure they work properly when you need them to.

This then makes them a very convenient tool. You can close them at the push of a button to help insulate your home; keeping the heat in or out; depending on the time of the year.

You can also shut them easily when a storm is coming or simply because you need to go to bed. The best part is you don’t even need to step outside your home or open a window.

2.Smart Systems

There has been a dramatic increase in the number of homes using smart technology. This allows people to adjust the temperature, turn lights in and off and even see what is happening at home.

Motorized windows or shades can be easily added into your smart system; allowing you to control them via your voice or even adjust them when you’re not at home.

But there is more to this than convenience or laziness. A well run smart system will be able to close the shades in order to maximize heat retention in your home. If you’re not there natural light is not an issue and the shades can actually help to reduce your energy bills. That’s really a smart system.

3.Going Green

Sunlight is fantastic. It makes you feel warm and lifts your spirits. However, it doesn’t always have a positive effect on your home. Sunlight increases the temperature inside forcing you to use air conditioning to keep it cool. It can also age your fabrics and furnishings, making you change and upgrade furniture.

However, if you run the shades off a solar panel and automate their movements you’ll find that they cost nothing to run and reduce the power your house uses as well as your need to spend to replace items.

In short it’s better for your wallet and the environment.

4.Home Value

Because motorized windows and shades are becoming more popular they are starting to become regarded as an essential part of a hoe purchase.

Having them fitted will increase the value of your home and make it easier to sell; if you wish to.


Exterior shades or shutters providean extra layer of security. The fact that you can now control these shutters via a switch or even when you’re not at home means that you can easily increase the security at home.

Motorized windows or shutters may not reduce your insurance premiums but it will certainly give you peace of mind.