Top 7 Lighting Ideas For Your Garden

With the days becoming longer and temperatures rising as the Winter season starts to fade away, it’s time to focus on your outdoor space. You can start thinking about ways to refurbish your backyard and make it ready for Summer parties, barbeques and family gatherings. In order to make your garden cozy and inviting even after the sun goes down, it’s great to install lighting. Choosing different forms and types will add dimension, security and finesse to your outdoor area. Read on to find out more about 7 best garden illumination options and feel free to visit Renovator Store for more inspirations!

Safety lighting

It’s important to keep your property secure and it’s also easy to forget about unseen threats. Consider installing bright security lighting to deter burglars and scare off night prowlers. Motion-sensing lights can discourage unwanted guests from approaching and alert them of your presence even if you’re not home. Think about installing floodlights or ground lights in strategic places to quickly illuminate the area. You can choose from many LED lighting solutions – they offer plenty of light and are extremely durable with low power consumption.

Deck and wall lighting

Lighting Ideas For Your Garden1

To make your outdoor space cozy and welcoming, don’t forget about illuminating flat surfaces. From hanging lanterns, wall lights, tiny round or square lights to spotlights, you can highlight wall textures, improve visibility at night and warn about potential hazards such as steps or uneven surfaces. You may want to hire an electrician to wire everything up for you or you can opt for low voltage LED lights that can be installed by almost everyone.

Path and driveway lighting

Well-lit pathways and driveways are key to safe navigation. You can make a great first impression on people who visit you for the first time or maintain a sense of security every time you come back home or decide to take an evening stroll in your garden. Planting a double line of the spike, stake or pole lights along a walkway or a driveway will add both safety and beauty to your outdoor space. Make sure the light is not too glaring and blinding – you can choose from a wide variety of waterproof LED lighting to give your garden a balanced and well-thought look.

Spotlight lighting

You probably have your favorite spots in your garden. It’s great to highlight your most treasured features! Make sure everyone notices all the areas you want to show off, from trees and flower beds to sculptures and water features. Just because the night draws in, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your garden. Use spotlights, uplights, or downlights and install them at or above ground level. Place them strategically and enjoy your garden after dark from a completely new perspective.

String lighting

Lighting Ideas For Your Garden2
Adding even a short string of small lights immediately creates a magical atmosphere and gives your garden a more festive look. You can place them over a seating or dining area, suspend them from lighting poles, attach them to fencing, or utilize tree branches for a more ambient feel. If you want to throw a party outside, decorating your garden with string lighting is a great way to add more fun to the mix. Remember that even if you buy string lights for the outdoors, you can always decorate your room with them when it’s time to bring them inside.

Portable lighting

If you want to boost the ambiance of your garden, patio, or dining area outside, check out some portable lighting options. Lanterns are a perfect choice for outdoor sitting. You can display them on a table, decorate the steps to light up the way for you and your guests, or simply keep them nearby and take them whenever you need. You can buy lanterns in many shapes and sizes; place them together in clusters to get a more whimsical feel. If you want to leave them outside, look for lanterns suitable for outdoor use. Also, you may want to give your backyard a more rustic look. Try out some DIY projects like recycled glass bottle torches or jar candle holders to illuminate your evenings in a truly original way.

Solar garden lighting

You can try out some alternative ideas if you want to illuminate your garden without using more electricity. Solar lights are a perfect choice as they absorb sunlight during the day and can last up to several hours when it gets dark. They are simple to maintain as they are often attached to stakes that stick to the ground easily so you can move them around whenever you need them. You can use them alone or together with LED lighting solutions to illuminate the pathways.

With just a pinch of effort and some planning before the whole outdoor frenzy starts again, you can surprise your friends and family with a put-together design and a comfortable, safe garden. Try to think about the best placement and combine different forms of lighting to make your outdoor space both secure and appealing. Put some thought into your garden illuminations to create amazing memories with your loved ones during the time you spend outside together. Give your garden a glow up!