Pool Cleaning Tips From The Experts

Cleaning your pool shouldn’t be a full-time job. However, you will need to do regular maintenance to ensure it is in good condition. There is a certain level of commitment needed when you decide to install a swimming pool. Neglecting your pool can be a source of headaches than maintaining it. Failing to take good care of your pool can mean having to spend a lot of money later trying to do repairs, and also increasing health risks. Below are some great tips from experts that will go a long way in helping you with the process of cleaning your swimming pool.

Checking the Pool Cleaning Supplies

The first step will be studying the inventory of the pool cleaning to see whether everything needed is there. A pole is one of the most important things because most of the cleaning accessories will be attached to it.

The next is the leaf net, which is also known as the leaf skimmer. You will also need to have a pool brush that you will use in scrubbing the floor and walls of the swimming pool. A hose and vac head will be important especially f you do not have an automatic pool cleaner.

It is a good idea to brush your floor and walls on a weekly basis, to make sure your pool is in good condition. Every area of the pool should get attention, especially those that have poor water circulation. You can buy another kind of brush for this type of job.

The leaf net will be used in pulling out debris and leaves. It can also be used to skim the surface of the water to catch insects. The leaf net can also be used in scooping up toys and any other things that the kids might have been left, and this can be even more important after a party

Know What Is In There

Cryptosporidium is the number one cause of pool-related outbreaks of intestinal disorders, rashes, and diarrhoea according to the CDC. These bacteria can live in water that has been chlorinated for a period of up to ten days. The second culprit is Giardia, which is a microscopic parasite that is resistant to chlorine. The people who use the pool are the source of these bugs.

Not to scare you or anything, but the faecal material from dirty bathing suits, diapers, and human urine are the main contributors. E Coli cases are rare, but there have been some instances. You should also know the bacteria will grow faster in warmer water. This makes it even more important to ensure the chemical balance of your pool is taken care of especially if you are in a warm area.

Know how to deal with it

The first thing you must always look out for is whether the pool can be seen clearly to a depth of ten feet. If you find that the water is cloudy and not clear, then there is a problem. This means you have to work on your pool until the water is clear because it is a sign that your pool is not in good condition. Some of pool cleaning routine you should be following include;

Chemicals Levels

You should always make sure that the chemical levels are within what is recommended for your pool. There should also be a proper pH level. Ph is the most important when it comes to all water chemistry parameters, and maintaining and controlling it should be at the top of your list. Failing to do this will mean the disinfection will be compromised and also the turbidity of the water.

Regularly checking the chemistry of your pool regularly will make it far much easier to identify the problem, and you can expect to spend less when you decide to make adjustments since you will be adding just a few chemicals to restore the balance of the water. Another benefit you can expect to get from regularly checking your pool is that it will always be ready to be used.

Proper Pool Circulation

This is one thing that many people fail to give attention because they have their chemicals balanced. Proper pool circulation is important because it helps in removing all the contaminants from the top layer of the pool. Majority of contaminants are usually found on the top. This means you should try your best to have 75% of the circulation to be on the surface of the swimming pool. You should do a regular check on the flow meter and see whether the pool water is properly circulating.

Emptying the Skimmer Baskets

You should do this whenever they fill up. Many people forget to do this during the offseason. If your skimmer baskets have filled up, then there is reduced circulation and this result in the filter starving for water. This leads to unnecessary wear on the pump and results in freeze damage since water cannot properly circulate when there is freezing temperature. It is important to do this even if there is a monthly or weekly maintenance service.


The deck is also an important part of the pool, and it should also be in a clean state so that debris and contaminants do not go inside the swimming pool on the feet of swimmers.

Tossing Tennis Balls

This is a trick that will help you with your pool. Toss a couple of tennis bool inside so that they can attract and absorb sunscreen and other oily substances brought inside the pool by the swimmers.

Hiring an Expert

If you find yourself having a hard time trying to clean your pool, there is always the option of hiring someone else to do it for you at http://rspoolpatrol.com/. The many swimming pool cleaning services out there choose one that provides the services you are interested in. It is better to hire someone to do it for you instead of leaving it just like that.

Taking good care of your pool means having it in a clean condition. Use the tips above to ensure your pool is in the best possible condition.