How to Plan Home Extension

Home extension to accommodate your growing family or to build your dream house is an extremely popular choice for those living in the UK. As property prices are rising exorbitantly, people are choosing to extend and renovate homes instead of upgrading and moving on to a bigger house.

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about the home extension so that you can plan everything before beginning with your project –

1. Find out the cost involved in home extension

Find out the cost involved in home extension

Extension costs may differ based on the quality of materials and finish you are looking for, the number of storeys that you will add to your home, and your location. However, to give an estimate, a single storey, small kitchen extension of an area of 2 * 4 m will cost you somewhere between £10,000 to £15,000 and if you are planning to add 2 storeys, each having 2 separate rooms of 4 * 4 m area may cost you somewhere around £80,000 to £120,000.

2. Set a starting point in your plan

There is no denying the fact that every successful project requires extensive planning. In case of home extension, it means getting yourself design or an architect who will sketch a drawing of the extension based on your requirements. You may require a structural engineer who will provide important calculations of building the extension that will comply with the regulations of your house or building.

3. Learn about rules and regulations

Learn about rules and regulations
This step is more important than planning your project because your planning will depend on planning permission. Your home extension must be in tune with the permitted development rules.

Whether you require any planning permission or not, you will have to obey the regulations of the building. This implies to submitting a full plan adhering to the best practice and reducing the risks involved in discovering non-compliant areas

4. Contact an efficient builder

If you are working with design & build company such as builders Cheshire for extending your home, you will not require additional builders. But if you are engaged with just an architect, you will need to look for a good builder who can make your dreams come into reality.

You can find a builder through the recommendations from the people you trust or from the building inspector or architect you have hired.

5. Finance your extension

Finance your extension
It is not always possible to finance these expenditures from savings. You may need to borrow money and the best way to borrow is –

  • For small extension, you will need to borrow lesser money that requires 0 percent interest on your credit cards. But the interest-free period is for 12 to 27 months
  • For medium-sized extension, you can apply for a personal loan of £25,000. Learn about the repayments you need to make each month and decide whether it is affordable.
  • For bigger projects, go for re-mortgage or secured loans.


Generally, the contractor takes the responsibility of ordering the required materials like bricks, cement, plasterboard, etc. You may also choose to get independent tradesmen who will complete different areas of work, for instance, a plumber with whom you have already worked.