Helpful Plumbing Tips for Beginners

If you want to know how to DIY your plumbing problems instead of calling in the experts all the time, you should learn some useful tips. You might end up saving hundreds of dollars by taking care of overflowing toilets and dripping faucets yourself.

Here are some useful plumbing tips:

Check the Showerhead

You can fix a dripping shower head easily using some thread tape. A leak could mean that the threads are not connecting as tightly as they should. You can fix this by unscrewing the showerhead and placing new tape and wrapping it in a clockwise direction.

If your shower head is clogged, you can soak it in a bowl of vinegar and warm water for up to an hour. After that, you should use a stiff brush to loosen any sediment and mineral deposits that are causing the blockages.

Replace Faucet and Toilet Parts Carefully

Taking apart the pipes in your shower or sink can lead to mistakes if you forget the order in which you disassembled them. However, you will not damage much by taking apart your faucet or toilet flapper. The most common cause of leaks between the toilet bowls and tanks are worn flappers.

A flapper only costs a few dollars, which means that you can save a lot of money by replacing it yourself. Moreover, the package usually comes with instructions that are easy to follow. You can repair a dripping faucet by replacing the whole interior with a brand new cartridge.

You just have to replace a screw or two. If you hear the sink or toilet dripping or running, you should look for the replacement parts and try to fix the problem yourself.

Remove Clogs without Chemicals

You should look out for signs you have a blocked drain such as water sitting in the sink for a long time. If you notice that water is draining slowly, you should not run to the store to buy chemical drainers. You should try to unclog the drain with a snake, which is easy to use.

You just have to insert the snake into the opening of the drain and pull it out – if you are lucky, the clog culprit will be attached to the snake. You can also use a wet-dry vacuum to suck out the clog from your drain. If you have tried everything but your drain is still clogged, you should consider calling the plumbers.

Loosen Tough Pipe Fittings with Heat

If you cannot loosen a pipefitting no matter what how hard you crank the pipe wrench, you should apply some heat. A hardened fitting cannot be loosened with brute force only. This may be because the pipe is fitted with a Swivel Ring Flange, which strengthens the pipe. You might have to apply heat to make a solidified pipe loosen. If your pipe needs replacing.

Use a small propane torch and apply the heat for a few minutes if you want to make some headway. To avoid damaging the walls, you can use a heat-resistant material. Although this might seem obvious, you should only apply heat to metal pipes, not on plastic ones. Moreover, you should never apply heat near gas pipes.

Make the Water Heater Efficient

You need to check the thermostat on your water heater to ensure that the setting is not too high. You can reduce the temperature to 115 degrees and still have enough hot water for all your needs. You also need to insulate the tank if you want the water to stay hot for longer and save on energy bills.

You might be hesitant to tackle your plumbing problems alone but you can fix the above problems without calling in the experts. However, you should keep a plumber’s number handy.