Flower Arrangement Tips and Ideas for Home Improvement

The need for floral designs in home improvement strategies is constantly underrated by most homeowners. If you want to beautify your home and make your interior flowers last longer, then you should consider the following tips and ideas for a lasting result;

Have Proper Placement

One of the most important steps you must take in using flowers for home improvement is to position the flowers properly. For instance, you should keep your flowers away from direct sunlight and heating elements such as vents. Make sure you also recut the stems periodically and add water often. Exposure of flowers indoors to direct sunlight and heating vents can cause a drastic loss of moisture which can lead to drying of the plants.

Choose similar Colors

Don’t try to create a contrasting feel with flowers when improving the interior décor of your home, rather you should choose similar colors that will complement each other. You should consider mixing in different textures to create a mono-chromatic arrangement that will much fun and interesting to look at.

The Height of the Positioning Matters

Positioning your flowers indoor is very important. You need to make your bouquet taller than its container, up to one and a half times. Similarly, you need to ensure that the width balances the height of the flower.

Picking your Flowers

Make sure you add the large and heavy flowers first before filling in the smaller and airier blooms. Make sure you leave sufficient space in-between the stems so that the individual flowers will have sufficient room to shine. Try as much as possible to include flowers with diverse shapes and stem length. You can learn more about picking flowers for home improvement at Floraqueen.com.

Always Trim the Flowers

Your interior space is different from the outdoor area where you can leave flowers un-trimmed for a very long time. Make sure you re-cut stems before you add them to the flower arrangement in the interior. Remove any leaves that have fallen below the waterline.

Make Use of Florist Foam

You can make use of florist foam to keep the flowers in place and to keep them constantly hydrated and last longer. Make sure you soak the foam for about 15 minutes in water before cutting it to fit the flower container. Make sure you water the foam inside the container every 2-3 days, to achieve the best possible result.


When it comes to keeping your interior décor alive with flowers, you need to put it in mind that water temperatures will always matter. The warmer the water, the better but never pour hot water onto the flowers. Warm water will help in closing the flower heads tightly, and that means flower species such as roses will open fully to reveal their natural beauty.

Leave the flowers in water for a day or two before using them to beautify your home’s interior. It is also important to keep in mind that freshly cut stem will allow the plant to absorb water better, hence it is advisable to trim the stem once in a while for the health of the flowers.