Buying Readymade Curtains Online in UK

Readymade curtains are pre made and ready to hang. Readymade curtains are the best choice for the person with tight budget. If you want to change the look of your house quickly and beautify it these are the perfect choice. These curtains are available in a large variety and colors. Affordable and trendy readymade curtains are available almost at every shop in UK. They are available in different sizes and forms including single curtains, layered curtains and lining curtains. Readymade curtains are sold in pairs mostly. Online readymade curtains are often custom made too, if you do not find the curtain of your wanted size you can place an order to make one. You can choose the style that fit perfectly to your wall paint, doors and windows.

Readymade curtain trends of UK

Each New Year brings its own trends that are followed throughout the year. Therefore, when it comes to curtains it is necessary to follow the new trends and styles because curtains are hung on the doors and windows and are visible to everyone. They enhance the beauty of your place if they meet the fashion requirements right. With that in mind here is the list of trends of curtains for 2020 and are available online at every store online:

White Curtains:

White curtains are back in fashion in 2020. They can be of velvet, jacquard, cotton or linen. White curtains combined with different colors of right choice can really make a difference. White curtains are best choice for the rooms with dark color wall paint, because it helps to make the room brighter and gives a light effect. These curtains can be plain or printed.

Pattern curtains:

Pattern curtains are a great choice for 2020. You can go for symmetrical, argyle, gingham, paisley, meander, IKaT or Imperial trellis patterns. Choose the one that matches well the interior. These pattern curtain come in different colors. Pattern curtains can be used in any rooms whether it is bedroom, drawing room, kid’s room, or office room.

Plain curtains:

Plain curtains are also in trend in 2020. Plain curtains come in all colors and fabrics and can be used everywhere. These plain curtains can be lined up with the printed lining to create a different and more vibrant effect. You can also use the printed tiebacks with plain curtains to compete the look. Embellishments, tracks, rollers, strings and lace can also be used as an accessory with these plain curtains.

Readymade curtains measurement

Readymade curtains are available in almost all dimensions i.e. from 40”- 140” wide and custom length. For a complete and perfect look, measure the width and length carefully. We recommend you to choose the curtain which is wider double than the width of your door/window to create fullness. Width of the curtain can be adjusted but you need to be more conscious about the length. Decide the length of the curtain whether you want it floor length, below the sill or above the sill. These are the basic question asked when you are buying readymade curtains online in UK.

Tips for buying readymade curtains

Here are some tips for buying readymade curtains online:

  • Curtain should be one centimeter high from the floor after it is hung.
  • If your door/window has standard length and width go with the readymade curtains. But if any of the parameter does not match with the standard or predefined measurements, do not take the risks go for custom curtains.
  • Always get the curtain which is wider and longer than the measurement of your window/door.
  • Measurement the curtains width from outer edge of the window/door, do not measure from the inside.
  • Match the design and color the curtains with the interior of your house.
  • Consider the curtain’s features i.e. pencil plate curtains, double plate curtains, lining curtains etc.

Best places to buy online readymade curtains in UK

Below is the list of trusted companies that offer online readymade clothes in UK:

  • LINENS Luxury linen and Bedding
  • 24/7 Curtains: Quality made for you
  • LEEKES: You’re home
  • Wayfair UK
  • Julian Charles Home
  • Tony’s Textile: Affordable aspirations for your home