7 Things to Do to Avoid Getting Nasal Infections and Other Respiratory Irritations

The symptoms of nasal infections and other types of respiratory irritations tend to follow a pattern. In the beginning they might be mere annoyances, but as they’re left untreated they can affect almost every aspect of breathing. This is an uncomfortable and sometimes frightening and miserable feeling. If you frequently get nasal infections and the many little illnesses that often accompany them, you may need to make some lifestyle changes or try to find out the culprit behind the infections. Safeguarding yourself from common causes can really save the day.

1. Hydration


Believe it or not, your daily water intake can sometimes help to prevent a nasal infection. How? Well, mucous is loosened and thins thanks to healthy water intake. If you are getting frequent nasal irritations, try drinking a healthy and recommended amount of water per day to see if this helps.

2. Humidifier

Some people swear by them, some people swear off them, but humidifier sales are at a healthy level, so suffice it to say that this is working to help with nasal irritations for some folks. Putting the humidifier in the room you spend the most time in or having them for the bedroom and other popular rooms can really help.

3. Elevation

When you are about to get one of these nasty spells with nasal infections or irritations, you are going to notice that sleeping with your head propped up on a pillow helps. And going to bed in a sleeping position is going to cause the mucous to pool and really make your life difficult. Sometimes if you feel one of these bouts coming on, you can keep it from getting worse by sleeping with your head elevated until the episode passes.

4. Hot Bath

Steam is a lifesafer for loosening the contaminants of nasal passages. If you want to keep those nasal passages breathing easier, a hot bath or shower can really be a lifesaver for anyone. Not only does the steam help to loosen mucous and clear nasal passages, but you get a wonderful full body relaxation from the hot water. A hot bath at the very least will also provide temporary distraction from the symptoms of your infection or irritation.

5. Clean Environment

Believe it or not, your floors and walls and everything in-between can contain contaminants, so maintaining a clean environment can be essential to avoiding respiratory irritations. The cleaner your environment, the better. Even your floors play a part, so many people employ Melbourne Tile Cleaning Services to ensure that they have the cleanest flooring possible. When those floors are clean, it discourages those little irritants from surviving and making their way to your nasal passages later on. It’s well worth the time.

6. Obey Your Allergies

If you know you’re particularly sensitive to infections or irritations when you come into contact with certain triggers, it’s time to get better at avoiding those triggers. Know your allergies really well and obey them. They don’t want to flare up, and you are in total agreement. Be smart about contact with anything that triggers an allergy attack.

7. Ventilation

If your pollen count outside isn’t high, opening the window and getting some fresh air can keep those things that would normally trigger an infection or sinus attack at bay. Fresh air flows through the air and opens things up, while stale air is going to possibly trigger irritations. Not only do you get fresh air, but you have a whole new day outside to enjoy by opening the curtains or blinds.

Nasal infections can be serious conditions if they go on for long enough, so make sure that you seek medical attention if you get one of the nasty bouts and it doesn’t go away with all of your efforts. No one likes to see a doctor, but sometimes it’s plain necessary. After the episode is over, you can follow the tips on this list and hopefully avoid another bout with your nasal infections and irritations. These common sense tips help millions of people avoid the worst of the symptoms associated with these sometimes annoying, and sometimes frightening, episodes.