6 Wall Decor Ideas for Small Homes and Apartments

Having an apartment, flat or small home doesn’t imply that you will have to compromise on your home décor. A small home means less square footage. However, the key here is to shift the focus and utilize the area that most often goes unused for décor. That is, walls. Yes! There are ample possibilities to decorate the walls, which will make your small home or apartment stand out and look dazzling. Here are six such ideas of wall décor you can explore.

To begin with,

1. Build a Wall Garden

Build a Wall Garden

Building a garden doesn’t always require spacey flooring or blocks of square footage. Just a wall is enough too. Bring in some planters and mount them on the wall beside your bed. Fill these planters with indoor plants, herbs or flowers to breathe some life into your walls. Another great idea is to fix a matching wooden trellis on the wall and plug in some planters inside it. If you can’t find some good natural plants nearby, you can try artificial plants or flowers.

2. How About a Wall Storage?

How About a Wall Storage

You have used up your bed trunks, sofa boxes and living room closets. But the home still feels short of a storage space. If it sounds like your home, why not try converting your walls into a storage space? Yes, it’s possible. Simply drill and hook in a peg rail and start hanging your knick-knack items from socks to handkerchiefs to document notes and more. Or, got a small nooky wall left blank? Fix in some wooden rails and hooks, and shove them off with little items in your kitchen, bath or powder room. Cutlery, pots & pans, stationary, hats, lipstick cases, sunglasses, pocket purses, and what not!

3. Give it a Faux Look

Wallpapered and faux styled walls are something every small home should have one. They don’t just give off an appeal of grandness but also act as the focal point of the house, where even the statement piece craves for attention due to shortage of space. In love with country style? Try a nature inspired wallpaper. Love a beachy style décor? Then, stained glass wallpaper is your thing. Flashy florals, handsome checkerboards, crispy faux bricks and mighty bold prints are some other designs you might want to try. If you don’t want to use a wallpaper, you can try mural paintings or some hand sketched artworks. Another eclectic alternative of a faux style look is to create faux doors, drawers, or entry gates. To do this, paste a sketch or painting of the thing you want to create. Then, using a good quality adhesive, paste some beautiful knobs, door handles or pulls to give the illusion of real door knobs.

4. Mirrors Mirrors, Mirrors on the Wall

Mirrors Mirrors, Mirrors on the Wall

There is no doubt in the fact that mirrors give off an illusion of space. You might have noticed, that in many ancient style forts and monuments, they did a lot of mirror-work in their chambers and quarters. The same goes for apartment living rooms and other such small spaces. Hang in a large mirror in your living room. Or, create a glim-glam of mirrors by hanging several differently sized small mirrors on the wall of your bedroom. If there are coloured walls in that room, the mirrors will cast off a gorgeous look, you bet!

5. Create a Wall Gallery

Create a Wall Gallery

Got no space to display your favourite photographs, paintings, murals, photo frames, artwork or certificates? Well, you got. Choose a wall from your bedroom or living room, and hook in your favourite frames over there. You can top it off with maps, magnetic letters, stick notes, dried flowers, buttons, fashion textiles or posters. There is no end to how much innovation you can do here. An alternative to this is to create a wall calendar. Fix a white or black board on the wall and fix in a board or sheet of calendar to consult every morning.

6. The Magic of Rice Lights

Wall lighting isn’t just for special occasions like Diwali or weddings; you can create a play of lights on your bedside wall too. Convert a plain dull wall into a sparkling medley by tying strings of rice light beads into shapes of your choice. To make it even more appealing, take some paper clips or clothespins, and slip in your favourite photographs, notes or cards in between the light beads. If you have got a painting, wallpaper or mural fitted on the wall, well and good. When you will switch on the lights, they will do the work themselves!