5 Smart Gadget Items to Improve and décor Your Home in 2020

Are you too seeking inspiration for technology-driven home improvements and décors? Here’s a list that borrows from the most trending smart gadgets of 2020.

Think of 2020 and most of us wish if they could skip the year. While living in fear of the pandemic, people worldwide had some unusual experiences like social distancing and self-isolation. Though, the optimists with that ‘blessing in disguise’ belief counted on it as an opportunity to evaluate, revise, and improve their lifestyles. A Statista survey indicates how 77% of the respondents from the U.S. spent time at home more and 43% of them cleaned their house more.

After postponing it for months and probably years, homeowners are utilizing their stay-at-home time to bring home the long-pending improvements. And as always, technology lends a helping hand in that. From selecting smart gadgets for kitchens, gardens, and bedrooms to buying a VPN for enhanced internet-browsing performance and security, they are doing it all. A growing number of VPN users are devoting more time and attention to choose the top brands for setting up a smart home IoT ecosystem.

Are you too seeking inspiration for technology-driven home improvements and décors? Here’s a list that borrows from the most trending smart gadgets of 2020.

Nanoleaf Canvas – Watch You Walls Come Alive

Nanoleaf Canvas

These smart lighting panels in little squares can easily replace any wall décor. Create interesting patterns to mix and match with the existing look of the room and add life to the wall, literally. So, what’s special about them?

First, these lights respond dramatically to touch. Imagine the fun you can have interacting with them. Second, they are designed to dance to music. A great add-on to every party at home, isn’t it? What’s exciting is the fact that you may select them in more than 16 million colors. Plus their LayoutDetect technology that auto-senses the layout design and creates exciting animations.

Glowpear Urban Garden Planter – Grow Green the Tech Way

Gardening received acclaim as a stress-busting exercise during the lockdown. And this smart self-watering planter box from Glowpear would certainly inspire you more for the practice. Yes! Your plants would take water as and when required so that you have to be watchful not anymore. Plus it is an elegant-looking tech décor, ideal for patios, balconies, and living rooms as well.

The clipped-on drip tray eliminates the worries of spills. It resists corrosion as well as UV rays and is made of eco-friendly recyclable material. Grow fruits, veggies or flowers, or maybe any ornamental plant you find complementing your space. This décor is absolutely scalable as you can easily integrate two or more units.

Samsung The Frame – Display the Masterpieces from around the World

Samsung The Frame

Samsung’s revolutionary QLED TV stands out in the crowd. Apart from the awe-inspiring 4K resolution, it promises, what truly grabs one’s attention is its ability to change its profile. When switched off, it turns into a masterpiece of art and continues to attract eyeballs. That’s not all! You can select the art you want to display from the hundreds of pieces selected from renowned sources worldwide.

From Australia’s prestigious art museum The Albertina to Berlin’s celebrated art gallery LUMAS to the distinguished online contemporary art marketplace Artspace, you would be literally spoilt for choices. That’s what The Frame’s Art Store packs for you.

IKEA and Sonos SYMFONISK Table Lamp – An Audio-visual Wonder

You must have checked IKEA’s home décor collections at least once. The home furnishing expert joined forces with the leading wireless audio gadget manufacturer Sonos to innovate this super-chic table lamp which functions as a Wi-Fi speaker. Surprised? So are we!

If you have an inclination for distinctive art pieces, you would instantly fall for it. And if you are an ardent music-lover, you would fall for it again. For the next celebration at home or those cozy moments with your partner, set the perfect ambiance with this two-in-one light-and-music décor. Makes the perfect gift for your loved ones as well!

Ember Temperature Control Mug – For Every Refreshing Sip of Coffee

Ember claims it to be the world’s first temperature control mug and so do we believe. For all you coffee-enthusiasts, it is something you must not delay buying. Set the temperature you want your beverage to stay at so that you enjoy it from start to finish. Absolutely eye-pleasing, it is worth flaunting in front of guests (you would surely start receiving them soon in the future) as well as on the go.

It boasts of long battery life which promises to take care of your need for hot coffee even after a couple of hours. Plus you can control its functionality with a smartphone app. That’s’ exactly what you call refreshment at your fingertips.

Hope you discovered some amazing tech décors to make your stay-at-home period a bit exciting! And as the world prepares to get out of this tough phase, these home improvement ideas would continue to embrace your lifestyle for the better.